He split, opened business and grew into a million. NEWS | The Business


A Rupert Hunt, who created a website for sharing rooms in a shared house, surviving life: one day he used the service itself.

Hunt It was 29 when he launched it SpareRoom, as a means of helping to find rooms in shared houses in London, but after the divorce, at 38, when the business passed away. first advantage.

Apparently, the day left without a woman, he felt he did not want to be alone as a family and so the business started. grow, report to BBC.

"The fastest growing department in the housing market is the proportion of the 40 year olds", says

Currently, the SpareRoom company is available in the United Kingdom and the United States, and ensures that more than 11 million people are in attendance; visit the web every month.

One day, he sent an advertisement saying that he was looking for housemates who would be able to go. pay as they were able. He received thousands of candidates and many of the media.

After that, he reiterated the same strategy in New York, when he rented a manor in Manhattan, expanding his & her; business to the United States.

With 80 staff members, Rupert says that SpareRoom on annual sales for more than 10 million dollars and it's a frightening feeling that he has never needed an external museum.

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