He started talking to "soccer" and even Tevez – 03/01/2019


Finally, Guillermo Barros Schelotto there was The officially displayed as Galaxy Los Angeles coach. And at its news conference, responding to the official, to the Mellizo They asked him about the opportunity concrete be taken away to the MLS Carlos Tevez!

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What did a new American club coach say? He let that opportunity out (as it would be necessary) and warned him, for the time, there is no compromise with any player. "There's nothing, I do not know where this opportunity of players that comes or does not come from, we have not spoken anything, They describe "said the two.

And after that, the coach before Boca what is the idea that a & # 39; spread out in LA: "We want to have a play style, the important thing of getting on our playground, being great, engaging and beneficial. This club has a big history, this is a # 39; The first thing we need to think about winning a team. "

Guillermo was introduced to his new club (@LAGalaxy).

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So, the Los Angeles Galaxy and officially exhibited Barros Schelotto were exhibited It has also been welcomed on social networking to a club, who welcomed him "The Boss".

Guillermo spoke as Galaxy Galaxy coach

In the official channel of his American club, Melli sent his wish to win a title. (Youtube: LA Galaxy)

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