He stayed at Ronaldo's wedding, it was a great dispute


Tuesday, 11/20/2018 00:15 AM (GMT + 7)

Unlike propositions of marriage proposed and preparation for the wedding with Cristiano Ronaldo, a beautiful 10-year-old lover – Georgina Rodriguez has raised public ideas with a picture of her marriage; show that many "brick" rock "are due to bad conditions.

Left the main video of the weekend of Georgina Rodriguez's vacation, leave Cristiano Ronaldo:

Life Cristiano Ronaldo and her lover – Georgina Rodriguez, a 24-year-old Spanish, is going to go to her; new page entry.

Shortly after the announcement of CR7, CR7 successfully completed a 10-year-old boy in London with $ 787,608 ($ 18.3 billion). People revealed a secret portrait of our couple to Church Our Lady in Turin preparing for wedding ceremonies. It is believed that Georgina has begun to & # 39; testing her wedding dress in Italy.

A long wait for the & # 39; Ronaldo wedding, good picture dispute - 1

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez divide a diamond ties circle

Journal of pasta troubles, the day Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez's lover can be on the runfield with her East Break in Service A in late December. Both have celebrated the 1-year anniversary party for their daughter, Alana Martina, on November 13.

In the meantime, Georgina Rodriguez stopped the unexpected scene with a statue of a non-religious figure. In particular, on her Instagram page, the Spanish model is well-known for her beauty "a girl who is eye-catching" she has designed herself with short skirts, and socks are beside the Buddha image. face was very dark.

A great wait for Ronaldo's wedding, a good art of controversial photography - 2

Georgina Rodriguez raised a "public opinion storm" with a statue of Buddha's poor image shape

Although this picture has received more than 760,000 "Likes" and more than 2,500 comments, many of them criticize Ronaldo's dress and the style is unsuitable when they are in a position; shooting side. The sacred symbol of a great faith such as Bohemian.

Previously, in October 2016, the main one Ronaldo has been a major cause of the community when it was posted on the Instagram tastes profile when it turned off the Buddha image:

Many fans do not worry about & # 39; welcomes him, even criticizing the foolish behavior of the Portuguese princess. Ya Soe wrote: "Ronaldo, are you crazy? The Buddha is not a decoration."

A great wait for Ronaldo's wedding, a good artist of controversial designers - 3

Ronaldo is each of the mistakes when they shoot images affecting world-wide religion

"Ronaldo, I think you should delete this picture before putting the Asian people wild, I'm really pleased with you and do not want to hear people are criticizing you. If you delete them Image, God bless you "the one's air by name Veasna Vichea the idol.

A supporter called Pukar Timaisina (Nepalese) said: "You are a good player, but that does not mean that you can give a sense to the feelings and beliefs of others. This image is still Disturb me

Waz Tniym Gnian: "Ronaldo, I support you, but you should respect our Buddha, whether you are Christian, Hindu or Hindu, and have many fans to believers Another. You're a famous player, make it difficult, do not do this, this image will make the Buddha's heart. "

In the event of an emergency, Ronaldo sent a secret secret on the wedding day

Ronaldo was praising and listening to her. Record marriage to a girl with a beautiful girl.

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