He took a child forward, they did not know he had a cerebral person


Meagsago.- It all started with rumor, a child He was abandoned in a hospital in Rosario; However, truth was really real, but fortunately, Benicio there was accept it for a couple

The couple were married for two years and knew about that child has been abandoned from just above a kilo of chuideam that affects hearts Paul and Damián and agree accept it.

Soon they met child to the unofficial ward, he was born six months pregnant and did not control his / her; mother's control of her son.

When Pablo and Damián they came alive Benicio, he had a month for his life, the doctors ensured that their communication was before and after revival, the little one was in a position; Feeling he left.

The little man child He had to fight with a disease that suffered his life as a result of his unpleasant members, but after 45 days in neonatology he got alive.

"I had focused four kilograms when he was born and when we left the hospital, we expanded two hundred and seven hundred. We thought from the first day. We went through different settings, but for us nothing was more important in the world than his health. The doctors did not know if he was going to spend the night and now, on October 31, he will be four years old . "

After five months after Benicio left hospital, that's Damián and Paul They noticed something strange in the & # 39; child

We decided with the doctors and found a cerebral pair with sprip quadriplegia. At that time, we started with the medicines and cures.

Benicio It has done surgery interventions to improve its condition, which has to be repaired by a bone that has emerged from the place in the chrom and has the position of bottles in the knees.

The child's parents are still looking for their child; his best.

We got another choice in Mexico, in Durango, which has very little direct surgery on the muscles. Postures are corrected with small battles and the product for longevity, Pablo tells him All News.

When they contacted the Mexican experts, they got good news; however, there are 48 corrections to which the child needs to install and need financial resources.

"The surgery will improve the quality of life due to muscle detection, the brain would not be able to stop the movement part to take account of give other duties as a speech. " On 17 August, ask them to tell us Benicio It was suitable for surgery that cost six thousand miles. Damián refurbishment of furniture and I work as a hairdresser, so we'll try to raise money with bingos, lunch and food sales. "

For those who wish to support them in some way, they can contact their e-mail [email protected]

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