He was a fool in Zlatka: Blagoi!


"I'm 25 years old … this is my life," said Georgi Valentinov to Nova TV when he was close to Zlatka Raikova.

In the words of MMA campaigners, Blagoi Georgiev did not steal his lover, who was almost 5 years old.

"I took the decision, I shared with Zlatka, but in two months she got hold of this man," he explained.

According to Georgi, Blago needed to make a maid and tell him personally that he was going out with her lover.

"Their relationship does not know who the person or what their wife … That's the fact," said the athlete.

Georgi noted that Zlatka and Blagoy's actions were inspired, but he was pleased to change things.

"I'm grateful even to him that he gets rid of me because I know it's not for me."

"There are no relationships in these relationships, and this can happen to everyone … I think everyone needs to know such a difficult one in love … I'm glad I have met myself earlier to find out more. "Valentinov said.

The MMA fireman said he did not want the back of the connection ring he had given to the firefighter, and he did not return to him. He asked what he would do if he met the football player and the player, Georgi replied that they were from a planet very different and "they were not counted alive."

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