He was the first guitarist on "Tonika", a collaboration with Stefan Diomov t


Felo Arabadjiev is among the first musicians to perform in "Tonika" .Photo: Personal archive

One of the band's creators "Tonika" – the first guitarist Single Arabadjiev, joined 75 after a short illness. Ilcho is one of the artists writing Stefan Diomov in Burgas in 1968 and making “Tonika” – one of the most popular, award-winning groups of all ages to enjoy. of Bulgaria greatly enjoying it.

“I felt sorry for Jano, my sympathy for his friends, and he was one of the fellow-members of the founding organization, and we all started at a train station in Burgas, which is the band t And the band was joined at the band, and Iolo was at the guitar base, then costing free, making her laugh, traveling Bulgaria and competing after competition, "said Tomica's father, Stefan. t And he said that last year had seen 50 years since the creation of "Tonika", Arabadjiev invited the party with great joy. T

"He was in love with music, he loved playing jazz, and he often brought his guitar home," said his wife, Elena Foteva, a 24-hour long time reporter.

The Editorial features the sympathy of the family!

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