He was thrown to death at the front of his friends


BOVEC – On Sunday at 10.26, during the route to 2679 meters Mangart's highest in the town of Bovec a 48-year-old Italian soldier who is fatal from Friuli and Venezia Giulia, the Administration of Defense and Rescue reports.

The climber, which was well equipped through the route, climbed up to & # 39; from Sligo Sailing Mangart Solo at 8.30 with three friends (all Italian citizens). When they reached about 300 meters below the Mangart summit, they began to cross the sneeze, which is in the " This part is not protected by jet and pieces. The 48-year-old first started to proceed, a & # 39; using crampons and crampons. When he reached half of the sink, he disappeared. He fell on the back and dropped about 20 meters down the hunting, hit the rocks, then a further 130m roll on a rocky, steeply slope, where it was badly damaged and removed in less fragile.

He did not show signs of life again

One of his friends went down to the victim, who did not show signs of life after a few minutes. The initial accident was first reported to the security authorities of Italy, and then the Soviet police were informed of the disaster through the police cooperative center in Vratih – Megvarjah.

The helicopter can not help

A SV helicopter was implemented by a dedicated GRS team, but helicopter rescue was not possible due to strong winds and mist. At the scene of the mountain crash, members of the GRS came from Bovec at 2pm and made a classical way to rescue, and at 20.45 the deceased was transferred to the Mangart saddle. Then they were taken to the death camp in Tolmin.

By the fact, Bovec police officers issued foreign offenses and informed the proxy office in Nova Gorica about the sad incident with a written report.

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