He was to be part of Żabka, he is now bankrupt. Kefirek requesting a breach


As the port tells, the petition was sent bankruptcy to the Krakow court already, and on 4 February we decided to reinforce the company's assets.

Kefirka reaches much more than a million million zlotys, a & # 39; including a 2 million PLN, recently taken over by the Treasury Department. The taxpayer asked that the company will pay for the short time – in the opinion – VAT.

There is no trading on Sundays. It is not a post office status for its & # 39; shop

Wojciech Pietruszka, a leader in the company, told Towarosci.pl that the money had not been finalized. This will be done so that you can "get through bank account".

A court stopped the action proceedings against one of the believers, so that more credit could be satisfied, after and, break, not just one.

Kefirek is a series of sources that were founded in the late 90's of the last century. Her resources could be found mostly in Lesser Poland – in Krakow, Myślenice and Kasinka Mała. In 2013, there were around 90 stores in total.

In recent years, however, he has not been under his control, but under the banner of the Country Sparu. In 2014, it was widely said that Żabka wanted to take over Kefirka. At the end, however, the business was not held.

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PamEver since Frog was made by Rydzyk, I stopped buying in Żabka. I hope it also falls.

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TitusRydzy had a friend in his friend and the kefirek fell into debt

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golden towersThis good change to be & # 39; Helps polaks and ducks.

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