"He will be a specialist doctor as a family doctor in the country"


There are very few things that are so important to people outside their home, as close to a special family career – they are lucky in Dobrova: in December, as a GP, Neli Grosek, med. assigned.

It is good news for locals as a result of the decision that his & her; Dobrova-Polhov Gradec town has added the extra complaints for public service in the medicine area this year.

It seems that there are good and well-behaved things: the house's new doctor is with Dobrova, which means he knows the place and the people. She has been a doctor for ten years and a half; She initially worked at the University Clinical Center in Ljubljana, and later for ten years – she was available for patients at the Vič Health Center.

In recent years she has grown into a specialist in family medicine, and since then she has been experiencing a & # 39; Visit Rudnik's Synthetic Clinic every week.

In fact, even before the doctor – the four-year-old mother is a challenging and challenging challenge. She says: "I always wanted to get my own outdoor clinic in the country. Work here is different than in the home, people are more respected, simple and grateful, but above they add more to your opinion, so I'm looking forward to a new step. "

We can add a bit bitter in the city, which is good news for the country. Fear an dr Groskova did not work enough; to hear that he is a patient to have a & # 39; coming in – and among them, people, a home from the city where she is now working – are very happy with their medical knowledge, and moreover, the most important woman is.

It is a feeling for the patient, who sometimes, in some cases, is needed in the doctors. And what a doctor should do to her: "It is not just a lawyer who is a personal doctor who prescribes medicines and criticizes a person, It's becoming increasingly important to listen to a person and to show that he is not in care. There are many people who meet more and more people and they only need some pretty words. "

The Nelli Grosek Family Medicine Clinic will open your patient's doors on Monday, December 17.
And this: the first family medicine clinic will be shared with doctor Zvezdana Jablanov, but the timetable has not yet changed. The doctor, of course, knows that the spatial problem needs to be ruled as quickly as possible.

Therefore, the new doctor needs to change according to the options he receives for his patients Monday and Tuesday in the morning and Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. On Friday, the two doctors will work at Dobrovo in the morning.

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