He will meet Rome during difficult times


Real Madrid, in a difficult situation, plays against the Roma in the # 39; an important game at the G group at the European League tonight. An Italian camera, Joventas, will host Valencia to another day; game.

The English-speaking group of Manchester City & # 39; F & # 39; a & # 39; going to face the Olympics with the aim of achieving excellence. Bayern Munich and Manchester United also host themselves in other games of the day, to Benfica and Boys Boys, individually.

Real and Roma have had nine points. As a result, in front of the two teams in front of the points register, there is a hand on the top of the list. But in such a game, the awards go through narrow spaces.

Hulen Lopeztegui, who became a team coach this year, lost his job as a result of a bad start in the season. The interim coach Santiago Solaris then reported that he needed to go away, Bell-Benzemara. I hope Real Jobs keeps the job. But after deciding his game in the first game of the race again Real.

In the Spanish league, SD has now returned to the ground with a 3-0 goal difference. There will be no impact in the struggle for the rise of Europe. But the players' philosophy can fall.

Rome has been playing football for a few seasons. Especially in the last season, the European League's final installments were eliminated to Barcelona against Barcelona. In this season, he keeps his / her; Team team coincides UCebio de Matteo. Therefore, there should be additional warnings against Roma Solaris.

Real has teamed up against Roma. The coach, who was unable to play against this time due to the wound, went on to a coach but did not keep the coach in the team. In addition, all of the ordinary sessions in the group named are all.

Javantas, who hopes to win the title, will deal with Valencia at Allianz Park. Manchester United lost to the previous game but her & # 39; group & # 39; H & # 39; at the top of Massimiliano Allegry's disciples. In addition, Jovantas jerseys are in a good shape, leaving a unfinished backdrop of the team star Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo will ensure that the second trip has been in & # 39; win this game by & # 39; reinforce the Italians. Manchester United hosting Boys Boys on Old Trafford in their second game of their group.

At the same time, Manchester City, Manchester City, will be hosting the Olympic league in the & # 39; group game & F & # 39 ;. In the group group, Loyon lost his name; A game with the City with 2-1 visitors. The French team would like to win at the same level in their own area and would like to come together with equal points in the town.

Benfica will include Bayern Munich on their own range. Although the recent form is bad, the NicCovac team has a history-inspired coach. The last nine o'clock was not against the Berlin Bayern Successful team with a six-goal 21-goal opponent handler. Bayern also won 25 of the group games 27, they take part in the night to keep the motion going on.

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