He will watch YouTube from now on & # 39; more difficult when two promotional video shows


It is YouTube where people can watch video. With the most recent newest video library on the web, created by many creators all over the world, YouTube is also home to thousands of brands that connect to the Internet, their audience.

However, to run the platform, users must stay with the ads that appear in every video, leaving the most difficult users of ads that often appear. in the middle of his video.

YouTube will also be understood and it is a & # 39; find a solution to settle it. One of these solutions is to reduce the media coverage and instead increase the number of double video graphics.

According to YouTube, users always respond to the videos that they have; stop the observer's feelings, and even though the ads that appear at the beginning of the display are not; video is so difficult for the user. YouTube is estimated, with this new change the user will be blocked by around 40% less.

We know that this change will be used on this year's computer, then to the mobile platform and the television.

In addition, you can use a blockade software to avoid shortage advertising, but hindering advertising will affect video producers, content creators, and even advertisements. YouTube.

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