Head of Weissov in production? Let the one leave the bar and this should be & # 39; play in the playground box!


Weiss did not play for the last two games of the Soviet team. He was badly suffering and unhappy with the fact that he moved and did not play the game, he took 79 minutes to go to Hapal as a " Last Put and Adama Zreľáka to play Adama Nemca. After this moment, Vladko raised the hill and took him to the stadium.

VladoO Vlado Weiss himself again wanted to know in the negative light: How could he win?

When his consortium came to the sitting room, he was already lying in the corridors of the football area with his bag in his hand. "I've done it here," ProFutbal.sk had to cut his teeth long as he wanted to go away from the stadium. Le Eden did not reach a bus with the Hapala train, but was looking for a plane from his own field. The East organizers ask.

"I did not recognize it through the game because I was teaching the team. I did not know how I came into the cabin. I'm going to Try to tell the player what's going on, and let's see. We know how he plays, we have decided for this change. We did not let it into the game, but it is not written anywhere that it does not play in other duels, so I do not see any problem,"He gave up the sad situation of Hapal coach.

At least weiss put the team after that, but with a new coach he got his trust. In the best football age, he should not believe that the delegation chapters close. However, this one does not decide on this one after the Monday cuts.

Jokes with Vladimir Weiss to see you!

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