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Countdown 48 hours, the final show before the election, Han Qunxing, a joy to help, the largest range in Chen Jian's history

For the 48-hour count, Kaohsiung Mayor Democratic Progressive Party, Chen Qimai and Kuomintang candidate, Korea Korea Yu, were fighting hard. Both camps have drawn a strategy, and they will take each trumpet at night before the election, to give the opponent a fatal blow! Chen Ying's artists were Zhan Yawen and general secretary of the president's palace, Chen Juli, and the religious supreme, about 200,000 people; Han Ying asked 100 gentle volunteers to join Han to enter, around 100,000 people. Participants.

Key events at Apple Daily include:
Firecrackers, pork-free pork, circular pallet, emergency car, Han: I will not wear a body's armor

The Kaohsiung leadership campaign has been a Taiwan-wide focus on Taiwan. Recently, some websites have been incredible to spoil Yu Yu's gift. Han, who was 72 hours, to go down the streets yesterday. "I believe that democracy is better and this does not happen!" He stressed, "I do not have to apply small sentences" "With the power, the last three days will go to the 38 areas of Kaohsiung as big as possible, and try your best! "

Do not put up Chen Ju and suffer from blue powder. Chen: The Kuomintang should be at # 39; to complain.
Chen Zhimai, a Democratic Party Democrat candidate in Kaohsiung, went out of the streets in Gushan and Yancheng yesterday. There were supporters on the way to ran to the street and they were happy with Chen. Wu Nianzhen's endowment Facebook supporter for Chen Qimai, said he was familiar with Wu, 20 years ago, and often had common topics. Ke Yizheng and Xiaoye's director were very bullying. Wu was still willing. He thanked him for his open support and agreed to Wu. The election is temporary temporary. Kaohsiung is our constant home.

Ke Meng stopped his emergency card and shouted "Citizen Decisions". The night before election, ask the park visit 50,000 powder.
Bai Green broke and the team returned blue, in fact, the captain of Taipei, Ke Wenzhe, went to mail the cards. Cha b & # 39; only Japanese troops attacked the streets in 4 sites, but also the singers will be planned for the night before election. By sending a speech as it is finishing, its main axis is set to "sensible, blue and green symbiosis", which is Take a warm and emotional way, with the highest rated 50,000 people attending the event.

Festival Shopping Black will take a 3-day targeted time around; shop Carrefour Allied continued
It will be expected to have an American retail store, 13 stores and # 39; home, the "Black Shopping Festival", and even three days to offer positive results to members, bring forward the price of the unit 3C, get home-to-home devices; market. Do not let the city have a good grasp of the harassment, the number of Carrefour retailers, supermarkets and other links, Continue on the festive movement of retailers, and take on customer money.

Hit a pre-election night / / Chen Qimai named for 200,000 people South Korea was evaluated to over 100,000 people

Choosing the Mayor Kaohsiung was strong, and the night before the election was particularly looking. Kaohsiung Mayor, Chen Qimai, who was invited to "weCARE Kaohsiung Night", was nominated by Kaohsiung Mayor, and put 200,000 people up to Kaohsiung. This is the biggest event present in the history of local Kaohsiung elections. Kuomintang Kaohsiung, South Korea South Korea, presented a hundred hundred humiliated candidates at night before election, and estimated that he would get more than 100,000 people to the scene.

Latest news in the latest news include:
Kaohsiung broke the election

Last year, the election of the Kaohsiung seaman's election became more robust, and the election campaign came in. The patients recently began on three election election cases in Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Kinmen. Kaohsiung's master's influence gambling, where the Pingtung Open group "Chen, Han gambling" identifies the problems one: one, the police moved to the law according to the crime that was & Stopping her & # 39; The first reason for the Crime Law to vote and to complain.

China Duck is struggling in APEC
Washington Post Office, Josh Rogin, wrote on the 20th day to show the story inside the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC) annual meeting in Papua New Guinea. APEC has been in existence for almost 30 years, and this year's Leadership Assurance is a problem. Luo Jin said the Chinese reason was "diplomacy tantrum": During a series of APEC meetings a week, a Chinese delegation group repeatedly a while, bullying, suspicious and weird behavior in an effort to review. Other members have a better position and stress the need for other economies; get involved with their requests.

Tsai Ing-wen, who is a supporter for the vote, "tells the world not to be in Taiwan, China"
A nine-one election campaign began on Saturday, and the President of the Future Democrat Party, Tsai Ing-wen, spoke of a Sustainable Committee's speech. Deputy Democratic Party yesterday, asks for a referendum from the whole party, and advocated "confirming Taiwan democracy", "make sure that the" style "and" election style "says there are five reasons why Taiwan does not bring in the world under pressure, "Taiwan's reform and construction" and "supporting the best candidates to do things." People are asked to support the candidates nominated or proposed by The later Democratic Party. Come out and vote, "No doubt, do not be disappointed, for democracy, for reform, for Taiwan, not all votes can be smaller."

See also the unique ideas, Kuomintang emergency cuts
Kuomintang Chairman, Wu Dunyi, secretly oaths that the Secretary General of the Office has a " President, Chen Ju, "Fat and AIDS" remove rampages. Unfortunately, community "Facebook Kmt Mesozoic Alliance" used a bad language and pictures to make a personal attack on Chen Ju. The ugly Chen Ju is the "chrysanthemum fat". Chen Ju yesterday replied that the election is important, but can not break natural nature.

Last night in Kaohsiung tomorrow, Yu Korea South, move Q Qai

Senior Kaohsiung elections were tight. The candidates, Yu and Chen Qimai, Korea fought in the political and military debates in the last three months, and each of them encouraged their willingness. In addition to & # 39; continue to blow on the streets, both sides were also hoping. In the night before the election night, the encouragement of supporters to the highest height, and the election in a single fall.

The main news of the United Daily News is:
The Olympics face the East, the referendum, the athletes and their defense; to participate

There are only two days left in the 9th-1 election and the referendum. The Chinese Olympics Association held a press conference against the Eastern Olympic referendum today. Since the next year, the East Olympics will be launched, including the Zhou Tiancheng "One Brother" badminton and the Tianjia national hand. In the four clans, the old Olympic soldiers were shooting Lin Yijun, the free rider Huang Tingyin, bow archery, well-handed Lei Qianying and other athletes who were present, protects the rights and interests of competition, and asks the players to the loss.

Tsai Ing-wen's platform shout "Taipei is going to Yao Wenzhi"
Yao Wen, a senior Democratic Party maker in Taipei, stood out and affected. Last night, "Fighting Taiwan" was held for a party. Standing sixth at President Tsai Ing-wen, a & n; confirming that there is no higher level at CPD level and enough to support Yao Wenzhi. "Taipei is going to Yao Wenzhi." She has given the whole party a military order, and she must party to come together and bring the ticket out.

Taichung sprint / Chen Ju, Lin Jialong will leave Lu Xiuyan back to his / her; town
The Taichung selection was blue and green, and counted down before the election. Chen Ju, the secretary of the palace last year, went out of the streets for Lin Jialong's minister, the Senior Democratic Party and praised him as a seaman of political performance. Lu Xunyan, an applicant for Kuomintang, joined the urban area. When he woke up the streets he placed obstacles to volunteers and police officers together. He'll send her & # 39; The public changed the name of its mariner and replaced the air. He also indicated that the night appeared before the election, "Ma Liqiang". I also added the "host code" to the code. The outside world thought it was "cool", Zhou Meiqing.

Puyuma full moon crash crash Friday
The Taitung Puyuma crash was completed one month ago. More than a dozen family members in the north expressed the government's commitment to establish an executive group to deal with ongoing criminality issues. However, they have not heard about it, and the promises that are including accident claims and those injured and their family failed. I believe there is a government fight for elections to # 39; expressing family members' voices. Housing Rail stressed its first meeting of a settlement consultation in Taitung on Friday night.

Fengnian Society event The registration file was displayed inside! Confirming the political, irresponsible powers, the agricultural committees will; tramples on the literature

Wang Wenhao, president of the Fengnian Society, recently gave a new book for the Edinburgh City Farmers Association and attended the new meeting for the booklet. Vice President of the Agriculture Council, Li Huizhi, was asked to "resign his position." Although the Agriculture Council refused it, disappeared from Wang Yesterday. The post was deferred. On the same day, more than 3,000 words of word recordings confirmed the word "Yunlin is at risk of choosing love". Wang must retire to help the chair of the Agriculture Council to tell the local authorities. This event again shows that the Green Camp is to reinforce political power and its methods of use; Zhang Lishan, the Kuomintang Yunlin County Petitioner, said this is the agricultural conversion of the "East Factory Exhibition"; the event also has a & # 39; shows that the COA has trampled the literate.

The most important things in November Times include:
Support lecture "The removal of the county masters Building investment is locked away"! Xiaoying was attacked and he was at risk of frightening to Changhua people.

On the 17th century, President Tsai Ing-wen went to Changhua County to become a candidate for the post of Democratic Counties of the Party, Wei Minggu. He said, "If Changhua is replaced, the Changhua railway will rise, MRT and Green Energy Investment." Huang Wenling believes that the words of Tsai Ing-wen have a word; fear Changhua people, and even the gods are angry. On the 21st, the Procuratorate District Changhua issued a president who was suspected "fear." Huang Shuyuan, who was the convener of the inspection and inspection department, said that after receiving the article, his case will be investigated.

Green causing anxiety, unjustly political, killing
A new book that was not known to anyone was a publisher and was restored with blood of blood. This shows the Cai government is scared of the military defeat being a soldier. When the tape appeared, people were seeing the DPP's official appearance. The bureaucrats were scared of the political crime. They closed their mouth and replied that the COA did not have any reason for the farmers, and the farmers did not have the government without reason.

The night before choosing a big city. After the sloping piece of the song, the missing person will not lose! 400,000 subway wars
Kaohsiung pre-election big night PK! There are at least 200,000 people at Chena Qimai's collection in the southern part of the country. Sequentials from both sides are expected to; meet at the MRT station and set up the subway war. In addition, Chen's camp is inviting Zhan Yawen to go again, and Han has said "The tall of 300 shows the clarity of the show", after the song, it's all that he looks like.

Strictly blocking Zhang Tianqin, Hou Yizheng, anti-Aobu
The biggest fright is on Austria's degree, Hou Youyi said on the 21st, the current guides on Austria's degree have gone to Austria; including to slashing the old person, who's & # 39; formal conflicts, a fight to the real world, a & # 39; abolish bribery and walking. He said he was constantly blocking the right way and he will certainly using the right step against Austria's degree. He also gave the supporters to hold the New North with their vote.

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