Health admits that it does not generate specimens about Zika


The Health Department acknowledged that its network did not have to build blood skeletons in clinical surgeons to confirm that there is still a Zika virus, which has not yet been recovered after Hurricane Maria.

Among the allegations that the government does not handle these exams, the state's epidemiologist, Carmen Deseda, indicated that exhibitions that do not have to do so; send their sample samples to the organization to coordinate the collection of essential items.

According to reports that a Public Health Department had a regular basis, in 2017 there were 1,641 Zika's declared cases, which had 1,160 pregnant women.

However, there is any case of Zika, dengue no chikungunya in a final performance report on December 7, 2018, although there are 445 of these cases of those three viruses.

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