Health authorities want more prevention measures


March 12, 2019, 12:44The San José Mar 12 (Prensa Latina) The Costa Rican Security Fund (CCSS) is asking people today to restrict measures to prevent infections caused by mosquito bombs such as dengue, zika and chikungunya, to times of the year.

Catalina specialty Catalinaz, of the CCSS Ecological Detection Sub-Area, explained that this part of the increase is in the need to store large volumes of water in homes, due to the lack of water due to the drought. dominate the country for several months.

One of the key stages will be to cover, collapse or remove those devices which contain water that could store water, as they would work to replicate a mosquito Aedes Aegypti. , transplantation of fever diseases and Costa Rica reduced in the period 2017 to 2018, following prevention activities.

Ramírez also used long-sleeved, pants and hats, as well as mornings in the mornings and evenings, as useful steps to push the bite out.


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