Health begins to screen a novel for cervical cancer that will benefit 90,000 Rioja


An La Rioja Public Health System launched a new screening system for cervical cancer (cervical) which will gradually benefit 90,000 Rioja, from 25 to 65 years, to reach the target target. This was announced today by the Health Minister, María Martín, along with Health Divisional Director, José Miguel Acítores, and Head of San Pedro Hospital Gynecology Service, Juana Hernández.

Martín stressed that La Rioja was one of the first devolution communities to develop this system "because we want to pay general care for La Rioja women, making them as part of the most recent diagnostic methods to stop on oncogenic diseases, such as crude cancer, the only oncogenic process in genealogy that you can work if it is found early. "

"Dealas don Rioja"

The Minister for Health has ensured that we will enter this Rioja to include a & # 39; this new program in La Rioja "and, at the same time," we will respond to the determined commitment of Health by: early detection, following guidance of III La Rioja Health Plan, which is prioritized on the oncology line ".

In this regard, the Health Minister states that "early geographical proofing in this geography is that the number of people who die with crude cancer can be reduced up to 80% if there is an early judgment. So we do not want La Rioja to escape anybody and thus criticize the use of cancer as as soon as possible. "

The crystal cancer of the third cancer is the highest in the world and papillomavirus is the largest person causing this disease.

Science in the middle of energy

The program, which covers around 1,500 women annually, will begin today with women in the & # 39; age group 25 to 28 years, and is included as an innovation to & # 39; replacing a judicial approach as a traditional science with cytologically in the middle of dry. This method is a major advantage that fewer delicious solutions, therefore, are more reliable, and it allows a human papilloma virus to be detected without the need to repeat twice the repetition of cancer.

In the same way, psychology is centrally sealed as a method that, among its benefits, shows the reduction in the number of unsatisfactory samples or the ability to & # 39 ; Performing joint tests without collecting new tools. In addition, it permits other methods that will be used; Determining and diagnosing, such as human papillomavirus (HPV) detection.

The trips for confirming the test are different including women's age, in particular, if it has been done; vaccine or not against Human Papilloma Violence. At this time, an average of 20,000 ordinary items will be made at San Pedro Hospital.

Method for access to the program

The approach to getting into the program is similar to the one that La Rioja Healthcare Office is using for other early search programs. In this case, the woman in the & age group with the Health letter writing invitation to phone 941296122 (Care for Women and now Program for Cervical Cancer Survey) to participate in the program.

The use of this screening is advanced and will be extended to reach the women of this first section until they go to those between 29 and 32 years, and so on until they reach the population target number, and go on to date, with cushions that always depend on the test results.

Changed through a vaccine

As well as being discovered early, barriers are still a key place, and for this reason La Rioja was one of the first devolution communities for its; Handling the vaccine against HPV in the academic year 2007-2008. In particular, as set up in the vaccine calendar, this vaccination application has been made in schools and its services; apply to 6th girls. In this way, it is easier to find that this target number is empty, and that's a # 39; means that the coverage level for this virus is 91.5% in La Rioja.

The vaccination program against the HPV in La Rioja wants to guarantee that women do not want to. suffering from Cancer Cervical, as the direct relationship between Vinea Papilloma and this type of Acas is known. Today, 100% of La Rioja women aged between 11 and 25 can be said to have been immunized.

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