Health Check: why are we going?


We have all experienced an unpleasant idea of ​​how to do it. grow. For many years, scientists believed to be the only thing; in pain and itch, but in contrast with their intense: the fish was only painful, and there was a strong pain.

But we now know that these two effects are considered differently. Recent research has been circulated by ensuring that it is hardworking, independent from path to pain.

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How do we feel a stone?

Hard exercise (known as pruritus) is usually a result of a harmful thing, such as pesticides or adhesive chemicals, as a warning signal to protect us from potential hazards.

After finding these incentives, skin cells (called keratinocytes), will have a & # 39; communication with protection cells between skin lines. To remove removal of any active photons, the protective cells will emit chemicals such as histamine, serotonin, and proteases. These then then integrate a sensible thread that </ i>; warning message.

A variety of different cells and cells in the disease and brain of animal modules were shown to crack the cracking signal from skin to brain in the backbone.

Traditionally, it is split into two routes, depending on whether or not they are responding to anti-histamine treatment (this is the medication that you will take to prevent grass infection) . Histamine will use its own sensors, while & # 39; The other type (non-histaminergic pruritogens) uses another cat to burn the bush cells.

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The interaction between itch and pain / touch

It is clear that peasants are very aware of different responses. When you understand your fire hand, you are sure to pull your hand straight away; but then, when you get biting a mosquito, you will scratch to get rid of the surprise without disruption. This gives us something about the level of risk of each sense.

Although their own messengers are at the same time, the awareness also shares some sensors with pain and cover awareness. This is why pain can be against her & # 39; Avoiding awareness when you put frozen kisses into the state of a chicken skin like eczema. And why light light might cause itch (a dysfunction).

Why write the two installments and add to the # 39; stone

Usually when we feel short, we're scratching it. But sometimes faster we scratch, the tartan we are doing; feeling. This bad scratch is a major problem for patients with dry skin and dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

This is because superuscular scratch is a & # 39; damage your skin or cause high school disease (such as fungi), which makes it worse.

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Itch handling

Scratching may be the best and most effective way to protect people when you feel they are; hiding from bites or poisonous plants. But for a strong itch to come from other factors such as dry skin (xerosis), eczema, liver disease or non-kidney disease, you may need to seek a medical treatment.

Your doctor will allow a medication surgery to apply to the itch site. This may be a fungal surface to kill the fungus that has grown.

By using cool water, menthol or anti-itch equipment, it can help you to; Using sensitive whistles and reducing their lack. Antihistamine drugs such as loratadine (Claratyne brand name) and fexofenadine (Telfast brand name) can help to relieve the deficiency of cause caused by insects or pesticides.

For illness related to the condition of skin, infectious diseases, patient diseases or other emotional problems, unfortunately, there is no effective treatment at this time because we are not sure exactly what is being done. ; occur in the brain to cause these conditions. If you're going on or going to # 39; damp, stop scratching and try to see a doctor.

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