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Health insurance fund: The medical examination and medicine cost is greater than VND 4.7 billion

Statistics from the Health Insurance Information System (VSS) showed that around 50 patients had a health insurance cover from medical insurance in a & # 39; The first 10 months of 2018. Near 830 million VND to over 4.7 billion VND.

Therefore, the highest paid case is over 4.7 billion VND for a permanent patient with a permanent address in Trung Thanh commune, the Vung Liem district, the Vinh Long division, handled by Cho Ray's hospital.

This patient has a co-operation and is in a difficult family situation. Patients have received health insurance cards for about 10 years, qualifying for monthly social security security by law.

In addition, many patients are covered by the Health Insurance Fund in the following period: Patients have a disability. stay in Ban Xa, Binh Xa Commune, Dinh Lap Dist., Lang Son covered by Property near 2.86 billion; Patients living in social protection, Dac Mac, Pho Yen, Thai Nguyen, were the Property; pay 2.6 billion; The person who lived at A266 Di Su Village, My Hao District, Hung Yen was paid 2.37 VND.

Chong lights provide chrysanthemum "ready" ready to welcome New Year & New London

Hundreds of thousands of chrysanthemum flower baskets in Nghia Hiep, Chia My (Tu Nghia area, Quang Ngai province) "have been waking up" with the light of thousands of electric boilers. This is a method that farmers use to help the flowers grow and grow during the year of the year. New.

Chia Hiep, and Nghia Mo is one of the largest crysanthemums in the & # 39; center. Every year this market offers more than 500,000 Tet pots. To a lovely chrysanthemum warmth and at Tet's time, flower growers need to submit many technical steps. There are steps to highlight "awakening" flowers very interesting.

Mr Huynh Thanh Tien (Nghia Hiep commune) – linked to crysanthemum for the past ten years said: "Crystamhem for the sale of Tet must make sure there are beautiful pots, flowers need to grow in time, cotton The flowers need colorful and clear colors for the sale of new prices. In order to achieve these requests, the method of "flowering" light at night lights. After about 1 month the lamp will begin. Do not sleep flowers, "Tien happy to split.

Deputy Minister Le Quan: "Graduates at grade 9 should have higher education"

"Article 27 means that secondary school students are able to enter the middle school but also go to college. This is not new. As a result, the model of 9th degree to college has been piloted in more than 10 colleges for many years.

Le Quan, Deputy Minister, MOLISA, spoke to the National Assembly on November 15 on the proposed changes to the law on enhanced Education. In relation to the content of interdisciplinary secondary students in the Law on Education

Deputy Minister Le Quan advocated the change of Article 27 content in the law to allow students to terminate the secondary school to take part in the secondary school or college immediately. "Then we will plan its program to make it more appropriate".

He also added that the Labor Ministry, War Wars and Social Issues (MOLISA) have piloted nine years of college level education. The 3-4 year program is designed to teach professional and cultural skills. At the age of 18-19, they can enter the labor market.

"This year, the results of the registration are fantastic with this model," said Minister, Le Quan.

Working abroad: Is it just a cheap work?

Many of the trainers who travel abroad have the heart to go to school for the sake of going to school. match and build the country.

That is the case; Mr Nguyen Dinh Yes, Thanh Nhan High School Headquarters at his / her; conference "Solves to improve the quality of staff to work abroad" organized by the Labor and Invalids Ministry and Social Affairs on 13/11 at the University of Van Hien.

At this workshop, the partners said that the time was only a & # 39; rely on redundancies, but also to improve the quality of staff, increase the value of workforce and consolidate trade mark. the quality of human resources in Vietnam.

Mr Nguyen Dinh Do, Chief Executive of Thanh Nhan High School said: "Every 10 children are going to export, and 7.8 children will return to work at The core of staff. Most of them are going to work abroad to earn money and return to the mind of the next employee. "

From the above facts, the speaker asked: Why not give a message on his / her; the capital and overseas knowledge to return to its own survival, & # 39; building the country?

Advocate Ngo Duy Hieu: Black belief surrounded by staff, challenging government

Vice President Ngo Ngoc Hieu (Hanoi), Former Chair of the Vietnam General Labor Federation, said that black crew is surrounded by staff and students, which openly challenged the government, causing social security, need strong, strong force of the authorities.

Speaking at the 11/11 conference on crime prevention, legal breach, representative Ngo Duy Hieu (Hanoi), former chairman of the Common Vietnamese Commonwealth, The current situation, a & # 39; affecting the security, order and life conditions of the people, that is a black credit.

According to Ngu Duy Duy Thu, in the short run, black faith became a major social issue, which embraced every corner, especially in cities, areas that were development, staff and students. Everywhere on the beautiful streets, large roads, black advertising credits, advertising classification called financial support, payday loans, fairies, bowls …

Staff of black credit institutions will seek all means to provide certification to staff and students, especially those with difficulty

Go to CPTTP: How does the local producer represent?

A local staff representative group is a new piece that emerged when Vietnam entered into the Comprehensive Peace and Comprehensive Development (CPTPP) Partnership. So what's in the activity and activity of this group? The roadmap for the birth of this group? …

This is the content of the news conference by Mr Nguyen Manh Cuong, Director of the International Cooperation Department (MOLISA) at "Debate on Labor Commitment in the CPTPP Agreement". with the commitment to the certification of its Compatible Partnership for Wales Partnership (CPTPP) on November 12.

According to Nguyen Manh Cuong, Viet Nam was promised to allow staff to establish staff groups at a powerful level.

The group has two options after being established: Voluntary partnership in a Common Labor Partnership system and to be part of a General Labor Alliance or can register with relevant state organizations to allow them to work. move.

ALC II: "It's not because of beautiful facts but never" socially withdrawn "

"The ALC II event has been held for 10 years ago. Since then, the benefits of people who participate in social insurance are always maintained. Every month, about 2.8 million a person who pays pensions and social insurance benefits. Staff should not hear the beautiful roots but to retrieve a social insurance break once.

Mr Tran Dinh Lieu, Deputy Director of the Social Security of Vietnam, spoke to the papers on the bankruptcy of the Financial Loan Company II (ALC II) and who was the leader of his / her. Social Insurance Agency. arrested, cared for.

Confirming the difficult incident, Mr Tran Dinh said that he was case study by the authorities. At the same time, this event does not affect the work that the State has given to the Vietnamese social insurance to pay their pensions for the related pensioners and issues.

Mr Tran Dinh Lieu said: "In all cases, the benefits of people who are participating in social insurance are constantly ensured. Staff in general and especially workers in business parks and export zones, uncertain and participating in social insurance. It should not be because there is a wrong message but try to apply for social insurance once, so it's pretty uncomfortable … "

MOLISA describes 4 Vietnamese casualties in Korea

MOLISA said a fire break in Wonju, South Korea, on November 10 two workers died and two injured. The four Vietnamese employees in Korea are for work under the EPS.

At 9:45 p.m. on November 10, Foosung Precision Industry, Wonju, South Korea, burned fireplaces and valves.

The crash caused four injured Vietnam workers there. In particular, two workers were killed, including: Chu Van Duong, born in 1987 in Huu Lung, the Lang Son division, and Mr Tang Van Khanh, born in 1990 (Huu Lung, Lang They are province); 2 employees were injured: Mr Do Quoc Hung, born in 1987 and Mr Wang Dac Khai, born in 1997.

The cause of the accident is proven by the prolongation of electronic and long-term experiments; is the employee who cures the equipment in the chemical tank.

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