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United Kingdom He has been researching at least three months with at least four cases gonorrhea almost all antibiotics were opposed. The authorities set their foundations in Ibiza, because the four Britons that affected it in the summer passed to the island or maintained a sexual bond with people affected by the disease, as was the case in the past. publishing Eurosurveillance, a health magazine.

Gonorrhea is the sexual transmission that affects the brain, mouth and drum, which may be injured or injured. According to WHO, over 106 million people are recovering every year.

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The allowance is the FC428; comes to China and the part of south-east Asia; to date he has only made scattered cases outside that continent. In line with the English Public Health Association (PHE, for its acronym in English), this is the first 'sustainable local registration' in Europe of pressure. No files of FC428 have been recorded, according to the Balinese Health Department.

In October, the first instance was found A sexual health clinic in the UK. The patient, who suffered from uncomfortable behavior in her system, explained that she was in Ibiza in August. privacy without protection with more than one co-ordinator.

This woman was cured After receiving a measure of 500 milligrams of cheftriaxone and another from one gram of azithromycin, his attention was not drawn.

Later cultures, however, showed that the gonococcal bacteria were protected from the first antibiotic and that they opposed the action of the second drug.

A month later, another woman was examined in another UK clinic. Although he had no symptoms, he said he had an unexpected relationship with a man who spent the summer in Ibiza. The survey showed the woman also had the bacteria. Later on, the doctors with trials later decided that the same woman had the same pandemic.

According to the PHE study, the association of a sexual partner in the second case, which had also been "connecting with the communications network" was the first issue ". Despite this, wonderfully, this man was negative in the investigations. Researchers believe the second is probably the disease in the second case and has committed the disease itself.

This time the bacteria were more difficult to escape. The woman was given a measure of one gram of cheftriaxone first. Days later, he started to suffer feelings of comfort in the direct range, which did not stop after administration of azithromycin and gentamicin. Lastly, three doses of other antibiotics, ertapenem inner days during the cycle, were necessary to make the bacteria disappear.

He is another fourth person with the disease that the disease has taken, and the woman in the second case kept relationships of her when she was still unattended. It was also treated with three doses of internal ertapenem.

The British authorities decided that all matters were related. The result has been the application of the European alarm mechanisms. "The British told the European Center for Control and Prevention of Disease and this told us in January as a possible nation," said Julio Vázquez, director of the National Bureau for Biofuels. knowledge. After this, they called on the Ballet Islands Government, although none of the problems experienced in the months gone by in Miss Misses Hospital in Ibiza or the public surveillance network had been shown against antibiotics or relationships. any such cases.

"This issue is clear to understand the global nature of the problem that we are facing," said Adri Curran, of the infectious disease unit at Vall d Hospital, Hebron in Barcelona.

"It is a struggle that emerged in Asia, which has ended up a tourist destination as Ibiza and jumped to the UK, where it was recognized as hetero-women. T We have been warning for years of the increase in sexually transmitted infections which shows that it is not a remarkable thing to some countries, groups or practices of concrete. " t says.

The president of the Microbiology Society of Galactic and Clinical Microbiology, José Miguel Cisneros, believes that the need to “practice critically the judgmental tools” in such cases.

"Movements are reversed. If we stop distributing the bacteria to many antibiotics, they will be aware of them again. This is good news at the end of the road. To achieve this, it is necessary to get a better idea of ​​what we are going to fight with the most powerful antibiotic: the genetic sequence of the degree is, "it comes to a decision.

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