Health: This can happen to you if you do not hold after your female's sex couples Life disease


For a lot couples The last thing you would do is, however, it is essential to be better vitality.

After keeping up sexual relations There is an activity that is very important in caring Cheers of women. You should go to the dining room immediately, because you are more vulnerable to getting a tenancy. Ann Aweita we explain what is due.

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As described by experts in the subject, close relationships will increase the likelihood of a disease being raised because it is The urethra is near the anus, and so the region can find it easy to find in the urethra.

sexual relations

How does precision do that?
During the world sexuality This dangerous disease appears to rise significantly when it breaks around the urethra causing it to be; grow inflamed, stimulate it to stretch behaviors and slopes, they can do so bacteria burners that they can be attracted to that area aware.

So, he is willing to urinate to avoid disease in the future after maintenance sexual relations, because the urine is running to & # 39; bacteria before entering the falls.

An men do not get rid of any disease because they are able to contract the disease through the prostagine when they are there sexual relations and take part in the phrase and right, to & # 39; including the fireman in regular communication with the anus.

It is recommended both for men and women to use a condom to help combat these diseases.

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sexual relations

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