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Update # 27 This is the first major update update in 2019. PUBG Corp is updated periodically to make the game more advanced. Update, update every 4 months To create a novel for the game experience in PUBG and create a new format

Impact of killing

When the player is hit, he decides that the player's screen is shaking and causes the goal to change. The previous indicators have been used to give a picture of the scene in which the effect of the bullet is likely to have been caused. And he decided that the system needs to change to influence the play At the same time, it must also affect. In the past As a result, the vision presents an unfair disadvantage in the longer term. Especially when you are using a magnifying camera In this update Players will be able to change the target back on the faster target. In the nearby scene, you might have lost the battle if you are first burned. T Because that will mean that a lot of the warfare will clear your target. This change gives players a little experience on this. Because the impact has been reduced to around 50% of the past But remember that the impact of the hunting will increase when you do not have the protective equipment. So make sure you explore your hat and weaponry that is not damaged or cause it to use it.


In the attached section, PUBG Corp. decide to take action to reduce the number of too large a game. In this update, Climb and SMG use the same connections. Make the additions added to the map As a result, AR and SR have additional conversations, and PUBG Corps have made the same changes to Bullet Panel & 39; , allowing Shotguns and SR guns to be used together. Allows you to easily find weapons panels for Kar98k or Winchester, and because of this change, there have been many deletions from the game. Apart from this, there is still a place left in their place. What, although the number is higher, the system brings a mean number of different things, but there are so many things that the player wants to use much higher. The ARs guns, various repairing devices, various protective devices, except for Level 3 wheel and the Flare guns that could have changed enormously on the game experience even with very little # 39 change. The main aim of giving players is to get a better experience of playing by increasing the amount of things players want to use more easily. At the same time, doing things that will have a big influence on playing at the same level


PUBG Corp has also modified weaponry by allowing SMG to cause more damage when burning arms / legs to increase close-field efficiency. And the SRs were modified to further damage when burning the high body. It can kill targets in one game unless the target has a protective device (With the exception of using Win94 and converting fuel into two types of SMG, that is Vector and UMP. This change allows the two types of gun to be more definitive. And the Vector has been converted to make more fuel in the magazine, but it will reduce the damage to 31 units of each burn. It can burn 33 images quickly when you're using a magazine to increase capacity And this change also makes it easier to control burn And another story is that the M16 can be installed. at the end. Easier to use "firing" And also reduce the force force for the M16 in a row of firing By reducing kicking squirrel from the first shot down Making it easier to use using nearby

Changes to first aid

PUBG Corp has changed the operation of first aid game in the game. Which takes a sudden life of 75%, which gradually changes to a rate of 2 hours. If you are a predator, it will take you more time to attack you and wait your opponent to revive their life. PUBG Corp will continue to monitor contributions from the players.

These changes are focussed on the core of the PUBG game and the aim is for players to access new, balanced and sensitive methods, so PUBG Corp will gather feedback on developments.

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