Heat illness: there are around 100,000 consumers without electricity in the Capital and the GBA – 01/29/2019


Another day of extreme south at home: the term came on Tuesday at 45 degrees in the neighbors of Buenos Aires – with a 46.4 height in Aeroparque- and the emission began to diversify. After 22.30, nearly 100 thousand users were affected, with a service break in many cases started on Monday.

Depending on the information provided by the ENRE, in the responding area Edesur, they stayed without providing 63,868 Users Some cuts are recorded, but most of them are caused by medium voltage and tissue bearings, in the low voltage.

"There may be effects due to failure of equipment or more electricity demand who works in the associated protection so that the equipment can not be fired ", explained to this newspaper as the speaker of the electricity distributor.

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"Because these telescopes overlap the resources, we ask those who are capable of using the service efficiently and reasonably," they said from that company . On Monday, the impact was over 200,000.

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Within the cuts that Edesur has on their program to maintain and work, the neighbors with their & # 39; Most black-haired people New Pompeya, Mataderos and Almagro. It's a bigger feeling to & # 39; prevents a breach without notice in the metropolitan service Recoleta, Monserrat, San Telmo, Villa Crespo and San Nicolás (Microcenter).

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De Edenor There were 33,005 consumers without electricity at 22.30, especially in the obstacles Núñez and Villa Ortúzar. That division said it was "normal, expected in a day with more than 44 thermal degrees." On Monday, 188,922 clients resided and stayed; company without service.

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