Heat-respiratory risk: Soda is worse for you than the other sugary foods, a study says


Using too many sodas will be a & # 39; negatively affect your health. In fact, it may be higher than your risk of diabetes disorders greater than other sugary foods, according to a new report.

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Recently, researchers from St. Michael's Hospital and the Toronto University of Canada, published in the British Medical Journal, investigated how different types of sugar affect blood glucose levels .

To do this, they examined 155 previous studies on the subject. The evaluations evaluated people with and without the diabetes for up to 12 weeks.

After analyzing the results, they find most of the nutrients that fructose sugars are natural, such as vegetables, fruit and natural orange, which can not affect blood glucose levels. However, foods with additional glucose have an adverse effect, such as soft drinks, grain breakfast, baked materials and sweeteners.

The team said that food that adds more "nutrient deprivation" to the diet, especially sweet drinks, can be very harmful.

"These conclusions can help to guide tips on important important respiratory infections of antibiotics in the prevention and control of diabetes," said the t- author, John Sievenpiper, in a statement. "But the level of evidence is very low and requires high quality checks."

Analysts included constraints, including small examples, a short period of time and a variety of foods. However, they noted that the research was deep and precise.

Scientists are now hoping to continue their research and impose more healthcare providers "to be aware that the cumulative effects of fructose sugars on blood glucose appear on the internet with a source of energy and food. "


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