Heavy! Cheng Zhen, General Manager of the Child and Women's and Women's General Manager in Shenzhen, said: "He thought he had reported fraud, he told the police – Securities Times


  1. Heavy! Cheng Zhen, General Manager of the Shenzhen Medicines and Women and Women, said: he was suspected of reporting fraud, he told police the Securities Times
  2. Shenzhen Health Planning Commission: to launch a study on the ethical issues of the US Women's Hospital and Pediatric Hospital
  3. The governing authorities launched an inquiry! The Shenzhen and United States registered company is involved in the word "Wall Street gate editing gate"
  4. Immune AIDS baby was born? The hospital said he did not get relevant information.
  5. Genealogy Gene Genealogy: it was maintained for 1 Sina.com child
  6. Show a full story of Google News
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