Heavy engines are already excavating Struma road near Kresna without public order


To build the Struma road through Glen Kresna, a charter is not yet elected. But even before the public solicitor is appointed, someone may know that he can get it and is already on the ground, according to a bTV survey.

Such a mark has been received and experts from the non-governmental group "Anticorruption Fund" will be investigated. They have got pictures that show how heavy devices are working. Direct drilling has been made.

Although nothing should happen on the ground, people who live and work around a future road route will be in the future; monitor the movement of construction equipment, which, last summer, before the public service was published, and temporary construction of the mountains.

To ensure that temporary roads and excavations are connected to roadbuilding, the Anticorruption Property has monitored satellite images to show when it was made directly and how they relate to the roadway.

Roadbuilding is a priority for its fifth consecutive government. Overwhelmingly, he has been involved in the implementation of his project over the years. However, before Christmas, the state opened the latest 24km of the route ahead of its timetable.

Now it has produced the most difficult part of the road – the Gres Kresna. On 30 August last year, API published a public procurement contract for technical design and construction of chanvas on Kulata to Sofia. He passes the east side of Gorge Kresna on a new route.

The length of the piece is almost 24 km and the value of the BGN order is 430 million.

There were 8 changes found in the inspection area. Each one is very consistent with the future Struma route on the Kulata side to Sofia. The study of satellite images also shows that they were made before the public service was published and on state land managed by the Forestry in Kresna. The Deputy Director can not be able to; show any documents that allow permission for temporary roads and drilling.

API describes such activities. In a letter to bTV they say they did not commission any future related activities – excavation, temporary roads or any other activities.

So forestry officers are the only ones who need to know what happened summer in summer. Woodland staff do not know what companies are digging and who are. drilling. But they know the people who work in the area – some say "Geostroy" and others – "Glavbolgarstroy."

The majority of Kresna, Nikolay Georgiev, also confirmed that his staff also did; saw building equipment on the road ahead, but the locality was not urban and did not look at who was working there. No documents have been submitted to the town for the actions carried out.

Geostroy refused their equipment in the area, and Glavbolgarstroy did not respond to the questions that were notwithstanding the additional information that asked him to give a detailed answer.

The leader of the Southwest State Initiative begins with a spot inspection. The Anti-Corrosive Scheme is ready for the presentation of new temporary road satellite images.

The subject was discussed by the lawyer and public expert expert Greta Ganeva.

"If someone had been working before making public provision, he was convinced that he would bring it out, and thus obstruct the principles set out in the Act Public Solar, that is, the principles of equal treatment of applicants and a free competition, have already been cleared, "explained Ganeva.

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