Heavy waters in the Antofagasta Department cause road closures and boundary routes


The face of bad weather affecting the Antofagasta region from Monday has prevented current roads and border routes.

The Water Directorate (DGA) Record shows that the water is in Toconao intense of 9 millimeters (mm) per hour, what is the situation of that area inside your red verification devices. In many cases, the diverse Caspana waters reach a value of 2.4 mm.

Governor of the Great Division of Loa María Bernarda Jopia, proved that "the campaigns are causing problems in Alto Loa, and we have a Toconce bridge on the river flood disability".

"Rio Grande is not unusual in San Pedro de Atacama and B-07 and B-245 routes are also cut and disabled"he said.

Give that a Route 27 CH and a 23 CH Route cut into several sections, a 21 CH track is also closed, although there are no routes. B-165, B-207 and B-223.

Also, the boundaries of Jama, Sico and Hito Cajón are closed for the weather to get more information, and tourists from this last section were asked to move with the Ollague product.

The Emergency Jobs Committee (EOC) in the whole session is & # 39; meet in San Pedro, where power cutting which has not been maintained so far.

It was anticipated that the start of bad weather would also have a feeling in the city Calama after 10:00 p, so the town has enabled two hostels with capacity for 40 people each one for the people he needs.

At present, there is no erosion of victims as long as the COE does not; deliver a final figure.

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