Heidi Klum: Tom Kaulitz will start off – "Did I send my girl away?" – Panorama


Heidi Klum: Tom Kaulitz's brilliant man leaves out – "Did I send my daughter?"

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz. Can she calm her cry again?

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz. Can she calm her cry again?

This year, the band "Tokio Hotel" by Tom Kaulitz and Bill is a couple of 14 year olds. Finally, a new album of the German band will be released.

You can already listen to the new "Melancholic Paradise" song – and: This is the title song on the current season of the "Model of the German Model", which is the director of Heidi Klum in December 2018 by Tom Kaulitz got involved.

With "Through the Monsoon" hit since 2005, Bill and Tom Kaulitz's new song is not quite common. And that did not appeal to everyone.

Heidi Klum: Bill and Tom Kaulitz angry about hate review

In an interview with watson.de, Bill and Fàilte na h-Alba Heidi KlumAmong other things, Tom Kaulitz describes her new song. And they did not like those twins.

"For some of the things I read, I can only shake my head," said Bill. In particular the feeling of a review Tom Kaulitz and Bill completely "under zone".


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Bill Kaulitz cursed: "Three-dimensional hatred article"

The author of the review should not have too much emphasis on the new song, but on his own band. Bill is calling to & # 39; This criticized "three-dimensional hatred article".

Tom Kaulitz: "Did I get that girl?"

Tom Kaulitz Certainly, the article meant personally. "Did I suffer her daughter?" He made philosophy in an interview.

+++ Heidi Klum torrach? Wolfgang Joop makes a clear statement – "That's what Tom told me" +++

Bill has a very clear idea about the author of the review: "It's so common in German."

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Tokio Hotel arrives at Oberhausen and Köln

But a review can not stop its cell phone from a # 39; come back. A world trip is already mentioned. In Germany, the dates of the concert are based.

+++ "Dream Ship" on ZDF: Blabbered – For the next new Florian tour the next time? +++

In the division the band played on April 30th in Cologne and on 17 May in Oberhausen.

Tokio Hotel is a post office:

Bill and Tom Kaulitz (29) are from Magdeburg and have been composing music since 2001. They set up a "Tokio Hotel" in 2005, after finding similar pairs and found them registration contract from Universal.

Their own "Schrei" album, released in September 2005, was recorded in # 1 in the charts for 65 weeks, 48 ​​weeks in Austria and 53 weeks in Switzerland. The album also has the same "Through the Monsoon", which the Kaulitz brothers gave the progress and also appeared in English – as "Through the Monsoon".

The second "Zimmer 483" (2007) program was able to build on the success of "Schrei". The following records, "Humanoid", "Kings of Suburbia" and "Dream Machine" fell strongly.

Heidi Klum musicians ask: who are heavy or not heavy?

He has been feeling that the new "Tokio Hotel" album has been on the # 39; He mentions weeks that the friend Tom Kaulitz, Heidi Klum, is tricky. There will be spectacular musicians what's up to this stubborn rumor. Heidi Klum's great friend, Wolfgang Joop, welcomed the RTL interview in the world. But after that, he turned back and said he had just given himself a joke.

There is still no official proof. In the coming months, it will be clear what facts about Heidi Klum start.

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