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2018-11-27 07:32:45 Source: Central Commission for Control of Control, National Audit website and Reform Commission

It was agreed by the Heilongjiang Local Party Committee, the fourth round of inspections of the 12th Provincial Party Group conducted regular surveys of the regional party committee of the State Management and Administration Commission of State Holdings and party committees of 15 state-owned enterprises; they carried out specific surveys on poverty reduction in 11 counties; They corrupted the department's public protection system. Divisional departmental, county and county survey surveys were tied together and down. A few days ago, the 14 patrol teams of the fourth round of the regional party committee were all included in the first phase of 20 visitor centers and units.

The party's review team held a meeting in each area and unit visited. Before the meeting, the divisional party inspection team reported to the principal who was in charge of the area of ​​inquiry or party working party party. At the meeting, the head of the district party review team made a talk on his / her; visit to the upcoming inspections, and made a request to work with the audit work. Members of the regional party's work group participated in some of the moving meetings and speeches delivered. The main person in charge of the party or unit of host visitors hosted the meeting and reported.

During the inspection, the party's audit team responded to the letters, calls and addresses that showed the relevant issues of the inspection area and team leaders and their members, the responsible person of the next party party and The lead person in charge of the main posts. Other petitions that are not included within the exhibition area will be sent to the departments or units of audit and relevant departments as appropriate.

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