Helene Fischer: Did Thomas Seitel put the cauldron to an end?


Relationship drama about Helene Fischer.

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The relationship between Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel appears to be moving behind the scenes. Completion should already be completed.

Munich – From December, Helene Fischer will be dancing at the side of acrobat Thomas Seitel during his lifetime. Far from destruction and vandalism the two will love relationships inside. Love is quite perfect, but it seems he pays Helene for their new relationship very well.

Cale Kalay (r.) According to the book he finished his collaboration with Helene Fischer.

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In the vicinity of them, there seems to be a love of love. It is said that designer Helene Cale Kalay (32) has now turned down his co-operation, as the picture recites. Ironically, the new friend's relationship should be particularly important in removing the 32-year-old worker. Since the tabloid thinks that Kalay had thrown it in the towel for moral reasons.

Helene Fischer: Dance boss may be making a moral decision

The movement takes media attention to a largely unaware woman. Suddenly it is called Anelia Janeva for unknown headlines in this context. But why is this a reason for the Kalay decision? The musician is very close to her. The real problem, however, is the common time given to 36-year-olds by both lovers. After all, Janeva is Helene's ancient photographer and former assistant to Thomas Seitel.

The dancer's friend supports the rumors that the dance chief wants to reveal loyalty: "He completed the collaboration due to Anelia's best friend. He wants to be faithful. T for Anelia. "

In 2010, Cale Kalay first appeared with Helene Fischer. First he was his main dancer before becoming a dance leader.

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