Helene Fischer & Florian Silbereisen: Has the time come?


Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen have long been a feeling of good relations. When the service was scheduled for December, many supporters were completely damaged. Why and why did that do?

In an interview with Bunte.de nude modal, Micaela Schäfer published her view on the separation of the two stars: "The two people are superstitious in public. I think it's very difficult to have a relationship." In his opinion, something like this is commercially and economically. Many would be given out, and the relations were spoiled, and so a shepherd.

Thinking everything through?

In another course of the interview, Micaela Schäfer lifts the theory that the separation was highly thoughtful and well planned: "Alone, how many people work from her. It was not just Facebook posts that were made. It is planned because there are profits going out ".

Whether Micaela Schäfer has the correct nose here, unfortunately, we cannot confirm. Her words, however, give her opinion. If we remember in parallel with the Schlagerchampions the perfect TV divide, there is no sign of everything.

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