Helicopter required in Hordaland


EXECUTIVE BOOK: This photograph was taken just after midnight at the Røldal ski center. Photograph: Røldal Skisenter webcam

A Helicopter with two on board is lost in Hordaland. This is to confirm its & # 39; Main rescue center in the south of Norway to VG.


– We received a police message at 21.53 that a helicopter on the road from the Røldal ski center to Karmøy has lost. The helicopter was built from the Røldal ski center at 2.30pm. Friends and family of the two were aboard to contact the police, telling officer Johan Mannsåker's duty at JRCC From Nirribhidh to VG.

– Ten minutes after the helicopter be careful, they should have been in contact with SMS.

Big research

Tell us

The helicopter that may be the type of Robinson 44, which can be four people can be aboard.

Mannsåker says that a woman and one were on board the helicopter.

– Research is now for a solitary helicopter helicopter from Sola. We also put out teams. A Red Crossing Scooter runs in Odda and Røldal; participating in the research. Workers from Norwegian Savings and Røldal ski resorts also participate in the " activity.

A mobile phone detector

Mannsåker says that the mobile phone administration of the two aboard the helicopter was started.

– At 15.56, a collision was recorded at a base station near Seljestad. At this time, the helicopter had to be on Karmøy. We are now focusing on & # 39; Finding the area north of the ski resort, between Røldal and Seljestad, he says.

According to Mannsåker, no communication between the air traffic and the helicopter service was required.

The relatives know, according to their Central Rescue Center.

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