"Help for buying Klara motorcycle so that children and grandchildren do not have to breathe gas"


In the morning on November 22, VinFast opened the door for missing people, and bought electric motors in the Thong Nhat park.

Machine technology lecturer on VinFast:

People's line valued VinFast morning 22/11.

Reputed by PV, just two days open, but the number of customers has risen rapidly. People choose to buy VinFast results for a variety of purposes, but they are all satisfied with their. result.

Clip: People are happy to visit and visit; Getting to know the VinFast – Made model: Kingpro

Taken from the 22/11 morning to buy the electronic engine, Klara, Mr Le Phuong Nam (Dong Da District) says, this is a # 39; The first time he saw a carriage of goods was marked by Viet Male. The reason why it is to buy a VinFast car is to & # 39; Supporting this unit to travel and make memories.

"VinFast is a wireless electronic vehicle in a technology cabin from Germany and so it can be relied on the quality. I learned this car since it was new on TV, all day I went to see and buy, but not, early morning to to buy but do not; I got a car "Mr Nam said.

Car buyers make VinFast staff work hard.

Share with reporters when they finished their inventory mode to buy cars Fadil, Mac (Hoan Kiem area), the last time he met with car information on the television, he got Reasonable should be purchased in use.

"I bought Fadil for my wife, although I'm not familiar, but looking through her and her. affecting some places I'm very happy with its & # 39; car I bought. I'm very stupid, waiting for nine months for her & her; car"he said.

Launched at the car on the 22/11 morning, Do Do Thanh (a lecturer on the Automotive Technology Department at Hanoi Industrial University) was fortunate to be a " First person who got Klara's car in the day.

Machine technology lecturer on VinFast:

Klara electric motor scam is a merchant lullaby.

Revealing the reasons why he bought it, he said happily:The first thing is that Vietnam's products are happy, to buy Vietnam support. Yesterday I was always cured, and Waiting to be registered tomorrow today.

I like the largest in this car, it's the saddle; It's long enough to sit very quiet, it's a huge vessel.

I have some bicycles too, but I bought this one to replace the gasoline cars to make sure the environment, the next generation does not need to breathe gas. The price of my car is also very reasonable with Vietnam's pocket money"said Thanh.

More about the car models, VinFast won the audience's fun and at the event said:A vehicle valuation form, for engine, roaring, shells and a machine must also be required, they must provide the new assessment"

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