Help the ghost boat! Gun Hattrick – a brutal attack against Man City against Chelsea. Record the night from the swan


Help the ghost boat! Gun Hattrick - a brutal attack against Man City against Chelsea. See the swan

Manchester City shows a sad shape after a & # 39; running the blues, broke the 6-0 type, Sergio Aguero, "Gun", Sock Hattrick, and they are two home games. What is the 11th episode in the Premier League, which is equivalent to Alan Shearer, who bringing the "sail" to defeat the population from Liverpool with 65 points, but the ball is better But running more than one game, and Chelsea lost the game away in the league, over 4 walks, two continuous games, the 4th in the night from the "Red Devils" and went to the top 6 after he was given up with his goal.

Stadium: Staidhreas Etihad

"Sailor Gorm" will echo the three posts from Everton to win the game. Olexandransin Zenko, Kevin De Brune and Raheem Sterling on the field instead of Nicolas Otamendi, Daibhidh Silva and Leroy Zane

"Sing the Blues" changed 2-pounder the team from the previous game. Antonio, Diker, lost his body back from Andreas Christensen, and the attack line was changed to Pedro Pedro. Willie's play will play Drecez.

Stop a case for one minute. Chelsea broke before Eden Hazard turned the ball. The left has been pulled. Kyle Walker left out and opened in the middle of her. dance. City away.

After that, his forty-fourth minute became Manchester City's first attack and got 1-0 from the war for free. Stand through the back of the Czech, who lost Bernardo Silva. The ball reached the second pole, Raheem Sterling was put in to strike with one correct beat. Put the ball to a net completely.

So, up to 8 minutes, Manchester City lost an amazing hits. Bernardo Silva held the ball in the case. Picking up the left Then pay for a full middle The ball reached the second pole, Agua Roo, which was cut openly. But he put the ball back

6 minutes later, Agerro made an excuse for the team to take a 2-0 lead from the moment Zin Zenko gave the ball from left to left; member to Aguero in front of the penalty area. Set the tower to fade to the right Put a ball of a beautiful triangle

The score was 19 minutes to 3-0. Ross Barkley tried to return his wall, but lost his way to Water, hung at the front door. Flick to burn into the door to go to Poppy

The Chelsea situation grew larger in its 25 minutes. D & # 39; left Man City 4-0. Antonio duger created a member out of her & # 39; no penalty to go to Ilkai Gundo. He put the roof to the right. Place the ball to fasten two poles

In 37 minutes, Chelsea hit the egg in a large degree. Gonzalo Higuain got the ball in front of her penalty area. He decided with a half volley to the south. The ball hit its first triangle, but Adairson moved to save it.

End of the first half The home team did not visit the end. The Kevin De Brigne opened the envelope free, a & # 39; pushing into the penalty area. Sergio Aguero hit himself but lost his first 45 minutes of the member. 0

The second half came back and won less than 10 minutes. Manchester City was punished by the Sesame Azpiliguayta rhythm, which was started by Raheem Sterling on the left of the penalty area. Enter into the right side Do you want to try to & # 39; make this game And be the 11th league in the league under the tiger's schooner, the same as Allan Shearer

So at 66 minutes, the home team managed to manage; game with a fulfilled form of Chelsea. Is the fort located by burning with the right side from the 35-yard distance. Save Arisa Balaka

At the end of the 80th minute, Manchester City stopped stopping. It ended the goals, David Silva paid the ball to cut the back back, and Zin Zen came out and opened the ball to the middle of his head; ball to Raheem Stirling. Chelsea was held in the town in the form of a doctor, without having a & # 39; gets a 6-0 stitch to go back to Liverpool back to become a captain on the scoreboard, but the visitor difference is better than 10 goals.

List of players for both teams

Man City: Adairon – Kyle Walker, John Stone, Eymer La Porte, Olexandrane Zinko-Ilkai Kunundok, Fernandin Carlo (Daibhidh Silva, 75), Kevin De Brenne (Riyadh Maharez, 68) – Bernardo Silva, Sergio Aguero (Gabriel Cesus A. 65) Raheem Sterling

Reserved footage: Danilo, Leroy Zane, Nikolaus Otamendi, Ariya Netmurish

Chelsea: Gepa Arrizalbala – Cesar Azpiligueta, Antonio Rídigor, David Luiz, Marcos Alonso (Ameson, No. 73) – Enko Sgiath Hente, Giorgio Loi, Ross Barley (Mateo Kovacich. 52) – Pedro Rodriguez (Ruben Loftus – Sheikh 65), Gonzalo Higuain , Eden Hazard

Reserved images: Willie Gabayero, Olivier Giroud, Willie, Andreas Christensen

Released: Mike Dean

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