Helpless of internet users, 62-year-old woman gave an account of her previous husband for eight years – News


In the entire route but still the network is "cheap," said Sao to the old man in the latest line.

Famous bride of Sao grew up from her marriage with her husband less than her age, Sao and Cuong aged 62 but 26.

This story should not be taken into account if you do not share a lot of personal life on the page. There are many negative attitudes, not for both relationships.

Recently, angry with the negative allegations of the internet, she wrote a long status for expressing her ideas. She mentioned her husband for her first time on social networks after a long period of light.

At age 62, the 62-year-old has been in the music industry for 8 years - 1

Emergency about negative allegations from webmasters, wrote a long status to express their ideas

"My friend died, I lived alone for 8 years, today, I would like to welcome everyone who cursed me all the time.

Those who swear to & # 39; stay health and best to influence the next life, as you advised me.

If they live alone like me, they know how they are. Remember to stay alone, without having to # 39; forget what you say today

Thank you everyone who understands and eats; I am always happy with compassion and there are many luck in life.

People say they are not saying back.

I do not swear someone but I do not; enter just aspiration.

Before telling you what should be a situation like a person, do not speak irregularly.

My friends in my 30 families say no words are bigger.

I also create a true name secretly, now I'm saying a sentence again.

Almost not at least not poisoning her & her; mouth. Seeing others; Many of the sorrows mourn when they do not understand something.

I have legal recognition.

If I do not handle my law.

And you're not right then you yourself.

I did not look so acidic for several months. So now just saying it again.

At 62, the 62-year-old orchestra played at 8 - 2

Was Sas. Sao was very young.

Like many previous interviews, Sao said her husband has lost eight years to find new people to help in trouble. She is a well-known wife legally, but is not part of the family's satisfaction of others.

It may also be necessary for internet users to talk about a personal page You should return Message messages. Careers are still getting a lot of attention on social networks.

A 62-year-old wedding jewelry show: Do you have to live as a creature to die?

After a few days on personal Facebook, Recent Social Networks have taken care of the strong speech.

Theo Ca (Youth Youth)

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