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Women's women are rising when her husband's baby sends angry messages and "bed" snippets between two people.

Just because you can not notice the minds of many people, regardless of the link; you have a wrong relationship. The end of these relationships is not always the dream, but the love and the disaster. Route The acheness behind the sinful sin be a warning to avoid that wrong love.

Tragedy put her husband's wife in bed & # 34; provocach - 1

Frances called for his actions.

White flowers

Bill Hall (American) is a very good person, and his wife loves her husband. However, Bill is still sneaky, not much out.

Bill Hall is an owner of one of the most successful transport companies in San Antonio. In 1980, Bill bought his first truck for his & # 39; his company, after a period of improvement, its company valued more than $ 15 million. Bill married his wife, Frances over 30 years and has two children.

Thinking of such a full life, Bill will only respect the family. But behind the look, a good man, a good father, Bill also share emotions for her sweetheart Bonnie Contreras.

Their relationship lasts for many years and can not be separated. The married man presents her beautiful young woman with expensive gifts. But, when Bonnie opened in a relationship that Bill was married.

When Bonnie asked her lover about this, the agreed Bill was married and in a divorce divorced process. However, that's just the answer to the problem and motivating only a mistress. In fact, Bill and Frances do not have a split plan.

There is no thought to worry

Bonnie gets to know this truth and her. collecting messages and pictures of two. Later on, she asks Frances to show her relationship to the Bill. Even, she also added the "bed" clip between the two for his wife Bill.

Bill and Francis's daughter said her lover was not for her defense but she wanted to kill her father. Even, Bonnie was accused that he was issuing a Bill with the evidence; , but she refused this complaint.

Her husband got rid of each other, and the muse was frightening French very angry. This caused Bill's wife to make a dead decision when he was sitting behind his steering wheel.

Frances never met her husband's lover, the couple did not talk about her; phone. However, on October 13, 2013, the woman left the grandson's ballot game and went to light traffic on the street. In this situation, Frances sees a Bill; Harley motorcycle driver. Two seconds later she saw the Ranger Rover led by a strange woman who got Bonnie.

Tragedy put her husband's wife in bed & # 34; provocach - 2

William and her lover were together.

At that time, Frances saw her husband who spoke to her; woman in the car saying there are words to love each other through the window, when the signal lights turn two blue blue to; move on. In anger, Frances continues following Bonnie's car to kill.

Frances attempts to send her lover to fight against each other but Bonnie will have a " driving faster pace. Bonnie said that Frances's car was growing in the back of her. but despite the woman completely.

A witness said two cars were 144km-150km / h at National Highway 90. The police witness named when they saw the two drivers. away as they did. stupid man on the road.

Then, Bill's motorcycle was brought to his wife but behind the car of his love. This man's car was thrown into the bed with the road. When the two women returned, Bill was severely injured. The victim was taken to hospital but was not given.

After the incident, Frances was arrested and took two years in prison and the Bill died without a doubt. However, Bonnie continues to care for the French family for a $ 2.5 million compensation for the crisis after arresting her wife's case. After that, she said, if she spoke directly to Frances, that she was willing to imagine her work. She says that she still likes Bill and does not regret the time the couple are together.


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