Her lover on Zalo will be giving her a brilliant award by Laghan's hot pictures


On November 20, police CSIT Hoa City (Dong Nai) said that the investigation has passed the same level of organization; proposes to complain the accused Hoang Xuan Quan (age 32, living in the Tam Phuoc court, Well Well, an offense of property raid. The army opposed the use of hot pictures to help you.

According to the research, Quan knew Mr. H. (aged 31, who lived in City City Well) through the Zalo social network. After a while, they have feelings for each other.

On July 17, H.'s military army sent to an inn in Tam Phuoc (Bien Hoa city) to "trust". At this time Quan used his cell phone to return to the place. Understanding that her beloved has a family, he has repeatedly sent her text messages and nude pictures. "If you want to be in a business, you have to submit money, or add it to a social network, your husband's workplace.

Subsequently, the Message Group asked Ms. H. to take 20 million to bring money to a school gate in the commune Tam Phuoc to build. Ms H. Quan agreed to give 15 million.

However, Quan did not go straight to the place as a result of a taxi company driver working in Tam Phuoc commune. The taxi driver does not just get 5.8 million with his / her; Hoa City Well Police invited to Miss H. to work.

Later on, Quan – those who were suspected were out of the police that were arrested on property tax.

In accordance with Ho Chi Minh Town laws

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