Her mother asked $ 260,000 to pay for damaging the principle


The Queen Court's judge of the Queen's Peninses says that a parent should pay an old school principal
$ 260,000 in damages for distrust.

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There was a mother who had a campaign with leaflets, letters and a poster on her car forever; Advocate the principal of the Edmonton school who was inaccurate, racially and criminally ordered to pay $ 260,000 in damages for distrust.

In the last month, # 39; Queen's Bank Court, Doreen Sulyma, Najmeya Sana – also known as Najmeya Sana Siddiqi – ordered his principal to be ordained; disappeared for the weight and physical and emotional effects that suffered due to the underlying allegations.

"I believe that misconduct (Sana) was unbelievable, horrible and upright that it expresses the fragile sensitivity of the court," Sulyma wrote in his; final decision.

Sana has appealed to the level of damage caused to the Alberta Appeal Court.

"I have never thought that the justice system will destroy me and punished me like this," wrote Sana in her appeal, sent on December 21. "I suffer, is circulated by actions (his / her principal) and his nonsense lawsuit ".

In the appeal, Sana influenced her work with depression she had at the time.

Although the children's father was first named as a defender in a suit, leaving the principle of legal action against him in 2016, his lawyer said in the e-mail Thursday.

School disputes were extended

The case has been before the court for over 13 years.

Following a summary case, held in 2015, Robert Graismear Queen Graveyard Queen Robert Graesser found at least eight things when Sara Laurie Diane Elkow left in 2004 and 2005. At that time, Elkow was Principal of Jackson Elementary Heights School in southeastern Edmonton. She is now a director, staff relationships with Edmonton Public Schools.

According to the Greek scriptwriting in December 2015, Sana had legitimate concerns about three events in the school, her four children were present. None of Sana's worries, or dexterity, had defended his public campaign against his principal, he wrote.

Problems arose after the children's father argued with another parent as long as he was in. leaving children at school. Elkow asked another parent to call the police. Elkow refused, saying that the parent could contact the police themselves.

On another day, two school staff told the children of Sana, who were dressed in T-shirts, Waiting out in the water for the after-school trip. Elkow was not present when this happened.

One of the daughters of Sana told her that she had to go to her mother; waiting out in the water "message to my mother" from Elkow.

Sana said that Elkow had her daughter out of a mathematical test and asked why she had told her mother that the principle would have the responsibility to keep them in the water.

The relationship between parents and their principal fell down, with Sana informing Elkow at a meeting that she would make its public concerns and ensure that the principle was burned.

Students & at risk of terrorism & # 39;

In June 2004, Elkow dropped Sana from the school grounds. In response, Sana sent a letter to the district's superintendent who claimed that Elkow was a " puts children's lives at risk. She threatened to complain about the front of the school and her. call on the national media.

Sana was convicted of convicted at Jackson Heights after she parked her outdoors in September 2004 with a mark the Elkow prisoner received.

Sana's signal said that the principle was to discriminate against being based on his race and beliefs, that she "courageed my confidence" and prevented her from school without any reason .

Briseag said in the coming few days, Sana released "invasion" leaflets about Elkow in Jackson Heights and nearby areas, including pharmaceutical industries and industries. The leaflet said: "The police is the main profession (sic) and is made up of the children and their staff (at risk of terrorism protection", among unexplained bids other.

In her application, Sana says she did the leaflet.

In subsequent letters to school district leaders and the education minister, Sana was unfortunately saying that Elkow was ill-treated, under oath by the offender, he was minded and he raised parents to do it "dirty work".

No cobbler found any evidence of the allegations of Sana against Elkow.

& Uncertain uncertain campaign & # 39;

As a result of a Sana campaign that was burned, Elkow's confidence and self-esteem was tough, Sulyma wrote in her decision in 2018.

Elkow was disturbing his or her humans or others; thought she was a clan chief, unholy, unthinkable, unfair or unfair, the judgment said. Her breastfeeding, high heart level, mummies and marriages and sleeping were lost.

"It's not a bit that the beautiful allegations that included allegations about childcare," said Sulyma. "Indeed, the unintentional campaign did not believe that this reputation has been a great influence on its reputation and the complainant."

With files from Paige Parsons and Juris Graney

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