Her Princess gave 52 operating beds to a hospital in Sliven


The Prince of England's Family, Teofana von Sachsen, has been donated to Dr. Ivan Seliminski in Sliven 52 launchers and 20 lockers worth € 8,800.

The beds are second, provided free of charge by a private hospital in Berlin, reporting BNR.

"They work uncomfortably, technically, they value new ones," said Princess von Saxen on the official award of the grant to district hospital management and wardrobe; town, Stefan Radev.

Princess Theofana von Saxen said he is worried that he is Bulgaria has very little money for healthcare, salaries in the low sector, and healthcare can not make contributions to maintain the up-to-date level required.

"It is not the contribution that a system works, we do not stop only one situation, a small hole is filled and the pieces are bigger. She can not do so with such a little money firstSouth West Second, all the money from the health property should go to healthcare, "she said.

It is expected that Princess Von Saxen will make the same contribution to the hospitals in Pernik, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo and Teteven.

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