Here are the Gold Games for December


Although Microsoft has been sending huge titles to the Xbox Game Pack, the Golden Games have not been seen by its " Many of these have been a group recently. The move continues with the latest gaming series & # 39; Come to Gold Games, as Microsoft today has shown the titles that come to Gold Games.

On the first day of December, Q.U.B.E 2 a & # 39; Come to Gold Games and will be available until the end of December for the Xbox One. On the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Dragon Age II will come to service on December 1st and will be available until December 15.

From December 16 to December 31, Mercenaries: Destruction Gameplay will be available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. And Never Alone will be involved in the game on the same day, but will be available to 15 January 2018 on the Xbox One.

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