Here are the new Tomba players for 2019


Ayrton Ramos (@ Ayrtonramos01) is one of the Godoy Cruz players in eSuperliga RedBull, the first football football officially launched by the Argentine Superliga in Platform of EA Sports, FIFA 19 and that was officially donated in Puerto Madero.

The 17-year-old said that he chose Tomba because of "I thought it was interesting, it was a good club and also when I had to make a decision In the draft, he was already on Mazzi I know before. " There is "Mazzi" Maximiliano Heredia (@ Mazzi_1991), who is a captain of the 27-year-old team, who specializes in repairing and talking about subway trains last week with More Deportes.

Ayrton who comes to La Matanza University says "I play eSport Central for Central in the 11 11 vs. pro-club modules. FIFA game from 12 , from FIFA 13, but competing since FIFA 17 came out. "

The other player is the end of the three Alexis Pastorino who is from Tiger and who is 19 years old. "It's nice that Godoy Cruz enjoys me because of the fact that it is becoming an institution, I know that they are doing a good job in the club and I am I understand that I'm playing from a boy to soccer in raising other clubs and I'm currently training for that. ", Telling More Sports this boy began his appointment at the National Institute for Physical Education.

"At 10 or so I started to play FIFA, but at 5 I played football matches as a result of my brothers and my uncle, because they were bigger," he says admit.

In terms of how a game system is: "We play against the 3 other team members and those who bring the best benefits. It's like Cupa Davis, but we do not know what we play against, we can play against the best of them or the third, the order is determined by teams and we do not know but just like the Super League order.

In this show, the 26 teams of the First Division, except Boca with a special contract with the Konami representative, are only in the PES. The Buenos Aires Club, a comic name created by FIFA 19, participates in the place where Club Ribera is playing; left.

With Red Bull's Super League bird a few days ahead, Argentina is the first country in Latin America to make an electronic version of its local football festival.

In addition, the e-Superliga is the only regional broadcasting that will give its competitive places to take part in the official FIFA competitions all over the world. Name more than 3,000 games in the draft for a place in the first teams. Then 78 were selected to spend the official football teams in Argentina.

During the year, the dates will be played equally and as it is in the first Argentine player competition, and between weeks games will be played to date dates to play as a football back. The campaigns will be between regional teams online, and some of the Buenos Aires Borough will face the face of the surveys on the Argentine Super League. All will be distributed through the Super League distribution and new television and television broadcast statements will be published.

"The first competition will start in the first week of January and finish on April 30. The games will be played on the same dates that will be Superliga team play and broadcast on Twitch channels, YouTube and eSuperliga social networks, "and" explains Robert Borrego García, Head of eSports Planet and eSuperliga organizer.

During the showcase event, the players played the performance of the many fantastic teams of friendly games. The competition will be totaling 600,000 pesos in prizes according to its & # 39; generalization by the end of their competition.

"The team is top 100,000 pesos, the second is 60,000 pesos and the third will be 40,000. The remainder of the money will be distributed in a smaller way. Everyone will be awarded," said Borrego García.

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