Here are the things you can do in Red Dead Online & # 39; beta


There are no special things available. You can not buy in a game to turn your gear or camp. Users also note that you can not play card games, so you'll want to forget about & # 39; cleaning in a poker tour. Also surprisingly, if you change things significantly through the beta step. Rockstar said "the invitations and updates" in the test, and warned that there might be status or statistics arrangements if there are problems.

What is it like to play? To a large extent, he will know the test GTA Air-line… and not always in a good way. The early players are seen a much of adherence, and is to the place where you can assume that people outside your opinion are trying to kill you. This is not the wide multi-game multi-game multi-game game of your dreams, at least not currently. Without delay, Rockstar wants feedback – the experience may change as the developer demonstrates what works.

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