Here is the "healthy and general" diet that also protects its & # 39; planet "


Double drinks of fruit, vegetables, baskets and nuts and reduce sugar and red meat by more than 50% by 2050. This is the good food according to the Eat-Lancet Commission survey, funded by the Eat Foundation and published on the Lancet health magazine. Healthy and general drinks, born from the research on nutritionists and sustainability for the event. Professor Harvard, Walter Willett, told the "zero kilometer" engineer, Tim Lang. Specialists from universities around the world and from organizations such as FAO and WHO.

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A diet that can contribute to the lives of many people, and also respect the planet. It would bring up a population of 10 billion people in the world in 2050, which eliminated up to 11.6 million deaths annually due to diseases associated with healthy eating habits. For example, using at least 25-29 grams of fiber (the natural one and not for sale sold in medications) or eating 15 grams of grain every day to Reduction from 2 to 19 per cent of deaths and heart attack times, colon cancer and diabetes.

As a guide we accept the "frugal" Intermediate test in the & # 39; Greece in the middle of the last century where it is expected that 2,500 kilocalories will be divided daily in: 230 grams of whole herbs, 500 fruit and vegetables, 250 milkstuffs, 14 of meat (meat no pork or sheep), 29 chicken, 13 eggs, 28 fish, 75 leeks, 50 nuts, 31 sugars (add or not). As a fuel, vegetables, non-virgin oil or colza were used.

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In addition to waste reduction, targets have been set to limit land use, water and nutrition for sustainable agricultural produce. Outcomes that can be achieved by including governments, businesses and companies on an educational subject and information, as well as labeling, food taxes and financial support for healthy eating.

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