Here is the low level on the first Daytona 500 Pollution Silverado Pace


This year's American Tour is run for the first time with pickup. The truck? The Chevrolet Silverado 2019. As a special voice, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to guide the range to the start line for the 61st Daytona running 500.

"Daytona 500 Weekend is home to some of the most spectacular entrances in races," said Jim Campbell, vice president of Chevrolet activity and motors facilities. "This is an exciting opportunity to bring the most advanced Silverado into race fans throughout the weekend."

The fast, at least audible ticket is heard, than the RST trim. Under the box they prefer the best block, the 6.2-liter V-8 which makes 420 horsepower and a 460 pound torque. All the Silverados are equipped with 6.2 to run a new 10-fast GM fast moving post.

Readers will quickly appear that the RST does not break up with 6.2-liter and only a 5.3-liter V-8 smaller. The trucks started their lives at LTZs and then Northsky Blue was painted as part of the changes to race responsibility. In fact, appropriate lights were added.

Although there were some important changes, the trucks are medium-sized, and there are no additional changes added.

Although a warning speed is set to 70 mph, Distribution delivered through hot weather in the 100,000 driver truck. Ford's F-150 Limited could have more power, but the V-8 large Silverado sound is at home on the way.

It makes sense that truck will be The NASCAR truck race runs on Friday night, but it may be a bit of something to see the Camaros, Mustangs and Camrys distance. But the king's trucks are nowadays and Chevrolet wanted the new rig to see half their tonight in front of the people.

It is also a day of pride for the truck team. The engineer Silverado, 1500 Tim Asoklis, was with us when we were tired, Seeing her child on one of the most famous race rides in the world.

"I've been working on a truck for three years, and finding troubleshooting on problems. Now I see it will be full of a circle and see it on the way, "said Asoklis, to talk about how special & # 39; is the knowledge.

Silverado had a year of sales in 2018, with its new & quot; beginning the mid – year. Silverado's total sale was hit by 585,581 in 2018, which is very comfortable with her; previous year. However, there is a lack of sale between and at & # 39; Moving to a new truck is fantastic.

The 61st running of the Daytona 500 will feature William Byron in Chevrolet on his & her; pole.

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