Here's how smokers and scammers can be done to & # 39; avoiding Apple protection


Hundreds of mobile phones will be stolen every day in the world. In Barcelona alone, there are 330 smartphone phones registered daily. There is no doubt that robbers and scammers are a profit-making business, for in a few hours they can be sold and returned to her; market.

And, despite the defenses that are growing into mobile phones, such as the Find My Phone device. For this reason, many inches trigger victims to passwords before they remove their mobile phone.

Apple introduced a security feature in 2013 designed to make iPhones more attractive to robbers. For this, the iPhone could not be connected to the iCloud account only, means that for use again, that account must be completely out of the phone. It is stolen that is still connected to the iCloud account of the original owner that is not used for use or sale.

ICloud's security feature seems to have reduced the number of stolen iPhones, but criminals have found ways to remove iCloud to recycle devices.

The digital health board has published a broad article in which they describe the novel methods used by mobile robbers to prevent defenses on Apple devices. According to this article, not only do tenants and thieves use these methods but also independent repair companies.

But how do carriers and draggers get Apple protection ridges?

According to a parent, robbers visit original owners to & # 39; phone or scam staff in Apple stores, which have the ability to translate iCloud locks.

There are three ways to remove an iCloud account from an iPhone. The original is the acquisition of the iCloud's basic password by the owner through phishing. The second is that an Apple Store administrator can go over iCloud, so Apple users can rescue Apple Store administrators to protect a non-related device.

The third way is to remove the CPU from the iPhone and redesign it to create a "new" device, which requires many people and are very rare. This is usually done in a Chinese refurbished laboratory and there is a telephone identification number, or IMEI, which is "clean" to delete.

Pirates and trailers on the entire creation of iCloud have been opened

Each of these methods is used to solve and repel special tools, although some methods are used much easier and more widely than others.

However, the case that iCloud does not have every phone has stolen tools, some of which are phones; are returned to telecommunications companies as part of telephone renewal and insurance programs. Many of these iPhones are correctly detected but iCloud is blocked to provide an independent telephone repairing business with specific parts that are not directly accessed by Apple.

But as it seems that repair companies know that cell phone value is more open than what is stopped, some have been the makers of illegal companies involved in & # 39 ; iCloud solution.

Even repairs & & # 39; s; Turn into the fragile business of iPhone iPhones wholesalers

In practice, the "iCloud" function is opened which includes a complex series of co-operative climbers. Its activity includes to & # 39; using fraudulent receipts and invoices for Apple's deceit and make sure that it is a legitimate duty on his phone, and to go to; using databases that search information on iPhones and social engineering at Apple Stores. There are even existing online sales for fishing devices designed to steal iCloud vouchers for an initial phone owner.

Ladies are looking for many IPhones because they are worth a lot of money, they are plentiful and easy to transport and hide. But so many users use the My iPhone Search feature, which allows the user to log into the Apple website and easily access to # 39 ; See in detail where their phone is on a map, as well as lock their machine by distance.

Find My iPhone has contributed to the arrest of telephone robbers. But this has also been to highlight its & # 39; This calm business dedicated to solving ICloud accounts.

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