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OnePlus 7

The OnePlus 7 needs to be more than just a slight increase over OnePlus 6T to accept the best phones in 2019.

The future priorities must improve the weaknesses of the former ones and come to the features that OnePlus fans want. What a company can do, and still have a & # 39; Stunning streets on big side competitions?

The obvious arrangements

OnePlus 7's first thing is a more visible media player. The OnePlus 6T is not the best thing – it is both slower and more specific than traditional whale readers usually behind smart phones.

Without a doubt, the OnePlus 6T could offer the best available technology at the time, but that excuse does not work for 7. Techno-magnetic technology has been promoted. Qualcomm named the first three-dimensional ultrasonic 3D sensor in the world back in December, which can read a fingerprint through pollutants such as oil and water. Oppo also published that a better machine scanner in an exhibition had said it was 15 times larger than the current solutions, and can read two fingers of fingers at at the same time for better security. Xiaomi has shown something similar, and we expect more companies to do so in a long time.

A better standard finger reader would improve all users.

The use of one of these solutions on OnePlus 7 is essential, in particular from the 2019 launch of the launch of the available platforms to access accessible, and & including the Galaxy S10 series.

The next thing the OnePlus 7 needs to be to make the best of their IP level (IP67 or IP68) is to protect against water and dust. OnePlus fans request this long-standing feature, which is present on most of the high pies that were released last year. It is anticipated that most of the 2019 surgeons who will OnePlus 7 competition with a very defensive, including the Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro, and LG G8 ThinQ.

Getting an IP account gives you a peace of mind that does not stop your expensive phone when you get in the water or do not water it. It has been a great deal and many of them have caused the OnePlus 6T to sink. Not to install it into OnePlus 7 is a mistake.

The OnePlus 7 camera needs to be better than the previous ones.

High-level phones will stand out through camera cameras that they display; offered, a place where OnePlus has never been decorated. Cameras 6 and 6T are not bad and can make interesting scenes in well-provided situations, but they are struggling in low light. Tech Nightscape OnePlus & # 39; a & # 39; Some help in raising sharp and advanced, but the difference is not very clear.

The OnePlus 7 company is not required to select three or four back cameras to improve the quality of image. The Pixel 3, for example, is one of the best phones for photographies on its market despite its single camera.

This is where OnePlus should focus, to develop Nightscape to compete with Night Sight at Google and Huawei Night Mode. Many cell phones – even budget ones – can take suitable images when there is enough light, but only large ones can handle lightweight light photography. OnePlus 7 should be one of them.

It is a wireless warranty that is in disobedience. There is a huge demand, especially because of how easy it is.

Camera 6T OnePlus

Stand up for yourself

This single person's theme followers, but OnePlus, may also be able to value new and original designs for the upcoming main story. OnePlus is liable to borrow designs from Oppo's sister company – the two stores are part of Electronics Electronics. This copy-finished strategy should end with the OnePlus 7. It does not fit well with many fans and should be able to; avoid how cheap one is OnePlus.

The OnePlus 7 needs to be a small kick. A simple design element can make a huge change in an overall machine vision. Here are good examples of this Pixel 3 with its dual-waist glass and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro reflection stripe running above the cameras.

Image from the OnePlus 6T pop-up event in New York City.

Thinking beyond its own content, more contracts could be & # 39; bringing the OnePlus 7 in front of more users, which can significantly affect sales. Most mobile phones in West markets are sold through transport carriers, especially because they are under deposit and can be paid per month. Better distribution also enhances the OnePlus total logo sensation. Because its company has a & # 39; sells most of its phones online, many users have never heard it. Even those who heard about OnePlus may not be comfortable to buy online phones before they see it personally.

One of the difficulties of this strategy is that it could reduce the OnePlus edge, as the transport would be cutting from every telephone sold. However, OnePlus may still be making more money due to the increase in sales.

What about prices?

Oxygen OS

There is a great chance that the OnePlus 7 is more expensive than the previous ones. I think that most of the OnePlus fans are capable of staying at a price, but only if the OnePlus 7 features some of the features mentioned in this post – and & # 39 ; perhaps a few more. However, its company must be careful not to & # 39; make up your price too high.

From one day, OnePlus has sold competitive devices for much less than handsets from Samsung, Huawei, and LG. This can not be changed by the OnePlus 7. Despite how big & # 39; Yes, the logo of its company is still not enough enough to cut $ 800 for its main entry point of entry. At that price, a & # 39; Most people choose the latest Galaxy S or Pixel phone.

OnePlus could go by costing up to $ 40.

OnePlus 6T starts at $ 550, $ 20 in addition to the one that was; before. A company may go by paying an extra $ 40 for OnePlus 7 if it passes in all the areas we spoke. This would still make it much cheaper than the latest Samsung Galaxy S and higher phones from LG, Huawei, and other posts.

People are willing to pay more for a machine if it offers more value. OnePlus should not be scared to build prices for the introduction of additional features in demand. There is a cut of anything else. Features such as 10GB of RAM – expected to occur on the OP7 – will increase its & # 39; price only with no real value.

What features do you think about? The OnePlus 7 needs to take more attention and get out of the ones that have been. before? Let me know in the ideas!

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