Hertha BSC – Werder Bremen: Pal Dardai – "You do not love Pizarro"


league national Has a record been deleted?

"It's not the Pizarro gate, it can tell me everything"

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Kohfeldt on the Pizarro ambition record

Werder Bremen's coach, Florian Kohfeldt, was looking forward to the 1-1 draw by Hertha BSC for Claudio Pizarro. It is replaced by Mirko Votava as the oldest Bundesliga scorer.

Claudio Pizarro has become the oldest marker in Bundesliga's history at 1: 1 in Berlin. Right, they found at Hertha BSC. Will the historical hit still be rejected by the DFL?

DThe Bundesliga identifies the oldest of its existence. In winning 1-1 (1-0) at Hertha BSC, Claudio Pizarro was preserved in the sixth minute of equal time needed for the free warehouse of Werder Bremen. But did he even hit it?

Dardai Tours: "1: 0 you must take it home"

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Following the 1-1 draw by Hertha BSC with compensation from Werder Bremen, Florian Kohfeldt coach made a difficult job to classify his game.

Coach Hertha Pal Dardai has a clear idea: No! "I have respect for him and what he does in Germany – as a person, as a sympathy and as a player. That's wonderful. But I want to be a bit angry. , he has his goal yesterday. He can tell him everything. That was a double ball. Once under the wall. Tino (Valentino Lazaro, d. Red.) started this, "said Dardai on Sunday morning on the training boundaries and put a smile on his face:" So I would have some idea, whether this is a record or not. "

This statement can not be completely rejected. Indeed, the Peruvian broke the ball of about 18 meters straight in the middle of the jump and then a spinning wall. This opened only, the member was deleted for the first time and would have passed the & # 39; In addition, unless Valentino Lazaro had.

Pizarro replaces another Bremer

Austria had moved behind his wall when he was seized and removed his spinning ball again, by directing his own goal. When asked why Lazarus was even gone there, Dardai replied frightened: "You have to ask him. Two or put it in an earlier attempt or leave it." Lazaro reported his move in & # 39; wall in the evening: "It's hard to go away at a cheap photocopy."

Hertha BSC - SV Werder Bremen

After Pizarro was still two Herthaner on his Valentine's Day album last year

Source: pa / ZB / Thomas Eisenhuth

In fact, the DFL could hit the focus itself. It seems that this has not happened as a result of the Bremen celebration and the historical record.

Pizarro was just 40 years old and 136 days old on Saturday. So the attack was replaced by another Bremen player at the top of the stage. Former registrar was Mirko Votava, who met in 1996 aged 40 and 121 days.

"So I have not been shooting in my life," said Werder, the famous warrior: "I hope the record is still left." Ago & # 39; Another Pizarro is quickly lost: Robert Lewandowski (193) is the best singer of the Bundesliga Scòrraich overseas (195) near the heel.

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