He's annexed: Jamal M & Hammad, FNCL president


As part of the new Think Tank Grain Vision Morocco, an FNCL (National Federation of Cereals and Legume Traders) and ESSEC Africa finalizing a partnership agreement to meet the development needs and structure of the entire cereals and lentils.

FNCL will launch Think Tank, Grain Vision Morocco (GVM) and signing a partnership agreement with ESSEC Afraga.

GVM aims to be the first innovative vehicle for reflection and awareness of the whole grain and percussion sector, especially in construction, commerce, storage and distribution. Its desire is to support the development of grain trade professionals through a collaborative approach to the issues and challenges involved in this department upstream and downstream.

"We are struggling for excellence and giving us the opportunity to experience, and from business stakeholders, to create a vibrant, innovative business model that will be able to create a" meet the needs and needs of our country's grain. GVM is a place for conversation, exchange and consultation ", joy Hamal Mama Hamdi, President of the FNCL.

To discuss innovative socio-economic models, GVM is committed to a stable academic partnership with ESSEC Africa. This society will be implemented by clicking on the "#. establishing research modules and reflecting on the issues related to the grain and pheasant section, such as the country's food security, agricultural economy, cost-keeping strategies and goods or logistics.

Through this initiative, GVM confirms its desire to & # 39; builds up a range of skills in the areas where their projects are implemented, drawing on ESSEC knowledge, Linking a long-standing knowledge of the ESSEC African environment in Morocco.

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