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During her visit to Somerset, Her Majesty met thousands of members of the public during her events. With hundreds of upper hands, the Queen happened to meet in a pretty well-known face.

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During her visit to Bruton King's School, The Queen was reunited with her husband, Christopher Bournes Rhys-Jones, father of her husband-in-law, Countess Wessex. The two shook both hands and spoke. Sophie's father was present as he was a student at the time.

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The Queen visited the school to open a new music section in honor of Queen Elizabeth Music School, for King Bruton's 500th anniversary. The Queen was given a tour of the new ward by schoolmaster Iain Wilmhurst. While she was around one of the rooms, her Majesty ran until Sam Innes, an 18-year-old piano student, who had the opportunity to play for the famous monarch.

“My teacher asked me to give away [the piano] a comic photograph, told by the Queen. I played some Chopin. It was quite intimidating! # 39;

Innes added: “She said we had a lovely facility and had to be good at playing here. ”

The Corrs are one of the great parents who played the ensemble, Caroline Corr, who is not only a trust but is also joined by her two children.

“I first met with the Queen many years ago in 2002 at the Jubilee Concert,” said Corr after their meeting. “There had been a lot of musicians but, when I said I had met her, she exhibited some of these things. It was very fast then, and I spoke to her for a longer time, which was very good. I told her I have two children in school and she also asked about the blow rooms. It was so warm and interesting. ”

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Before he left, Her Majesty published a plaque and signed a guest book. Brought by post with a young girl called Alice, a three-year-old child from Hazlegrove Primary, the Queen said the flowers “match my dress.” T

Alice re-iterated that she was “pretty scary” but she said the Queen was “very nice. ”

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