Hidden in a loudspeaker to surprise the cemetery thief


The feeling was made on 2 March, reciting 'Indépendant'.

A couple decided to conduct the survey to find out who would regularly invite the flowers which were deposited on the family grave in the west cemetery at Perpignan, where their brother was buried. T death for a year at the age of 40.

"This was a result of these free and humiliating acts which were brought to life in the family," said Brigitte, telling the story to the regional newspaper.

Calling for witnesses

Research that police officers have not gone ahead, and the prefecture refusing to install CCTV camera, the couple were hidden in a cellar by a side. They were then surprised by a stranger. They got spinning. They film their vehicle and captured the statues to the police.

"She looked at her grave, indeed she gave her choice to find a flower, and then she caught a big pot of daisies that was worn today and went away quickly. T "Brigitte angry.

In return for the pensioner, possibly from a financial deficit by Am Independent, researchers discovered many flower pots and garlands. In total, there are hundreds of flower decorations. Maybe the sacrifices it could have been enough … A call for witnesses was also launched.

The suspected 67-year-old is tried by the Perpignan Criminal Court the following September. She refuses to steal all theft.

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