High-level issues stopped the Innova 2-car box case for review


On 21 November, the President of the General Court said that the leaders of the Hanoi Courts had signed a signature against the cassation review of his appeal and appeal; First example of the Innova vehicle case back. Four died for review.

High level reduction of two innocent goats on Innova back to road for review - Picture 1.

The scene of the disaster

Earlier, Thai Nguyen's Appeal Court decided on November 2 that they were corrected to & # 39; case first, to & # 39; Reduction of sentence for defender Ngo Van Son (40, Toyota Innova driver) from 10 years imprisonment. 9 years imprisonment; Le Ngoc Hoang (33 years of age, at least truck driver) from 8 years imprisonment to 6 years imprisonment on cost to be paid by the prisoner. breaking the rules on driving land vehicles behind Toyota Innova back to Ha Noi – Thai Nguyen causes a catastrophic accident that killed 4 people.

High level reduction of two cards in Innova back on the road to be reviewed - Picture 2.

Two examiners at the test: Ngo Van Son (left) and Le Ngoc Hoang (right)

According to the election, on November 19, 2016, Ngo Van Son moved on Toyota Innova with 8 seats carrying 10 people on the Hanoi-Thai Nguyen route. Given that her & # 39; A car that went out of the roadway at the Yen Binh (Y Phoenen town) crossing, Mac needed to go to; drive back to the fence on the right.

At the same time, Le Ngoc Hoang driver tractor drives on the road, 60 – 65 km / hour distance. The side to the horizontal, the Innova is in its front, about 70 meters from the red brake lights, which the driver does not have; narrow accelerator break and look back. With the other cars on the other side, Hoang could not move to & # 39; and hit behind the Innova, killing four and injured two.

They are complaining that it will give 3 weaknesses: The banned back in the stopping place on the road, and # 39; Car driving on the road when the traffic of alcohol and passengers is higher than the number of people designated. At the same time, Huang's driver was determined not to keep pace and safety with his car in front.

Appearance attitudes to public attitudes have been encouraged, many people expressed a concern for Huang's driver. After that, the High Court has withdrawn the file, and reviewed its & # 39; reviewed to review their review.

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